10 Tips To Stop Feeling Anxious Right Now

It’s very normal to get anxious about an important event or life change. However, if feelings of anxiousness remain consistent then they might take the form of anxiety disorder.  

Anxiety disorders can range from a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), which is characterized by the consistent presence of intense worrying that becomes out of control, to panic disorder in which a person experiences sudden episodes of fear, heart palpitations, trembling, or sweating, or sometimes severe panic attack. 

To minimize the feelings of anxiousness it becomes mandatory to take support from some anti-stress activity. 

10 Tips to stop feelings of anxiousness  

People who are suffering from feelings of anxiousness, try to find strategies that can help them to manage or reduce anxiety in the long term, like talk therapy or medication. But there are some other ways as well to reduce stress and anxiety such as some changes in lifestyle or eating a well-balanced diet, limiting the use of alcohol and caffeine, and taking some time out. Some anti-stress steps to neutralize the feelings of anxiety to relax the mind and regain control of thoughts are given below: 

  • Focus on present 

Anxious feelings are usually associated with the worries of a future-oriented state of mind. So as a replacement for worrying about what will happen in the future, “reel back to the present,”. Anyone can enhance their focus on the present by asking some questions to themselves such as:

  • What’s happening right now? 
  • Is there something I need to do right now to come out of anxiety?
  • What are the benefits of worrying about the future?
  • What are the cons of worrying about the future? 

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  • Relabel what’s happening

Feelings of anxiousness have the power to create feelings like someone is dying or having a heart attack. In such conditions some reminders might act as an anti-stress therapy:

Reminder: “it is just an emotional state of anxiousness and it is harmless. It’s just a temporary state and I can overcome this with little effort”. Such feelings can generate a fight-or-flight response to an anxious state. 

  • Fact-check of thoughts

People with feelings of anxiousness often fixate on worst-case scenarios. To combat these worries, it is mandatory to think about how realistic thought is? If someone is anxious about a big presentation at work he must think, “I’m going to bomb because I am prepared,” instead of worrying about baseless things. “Challenging anxious thoughts” and “looking for the evidence” about anxious feelings will help people to neutralize them. 

  • Breathe in and out

Deep breathing is the simplest and effective anti-stress therapy that helps people to calm down during anxiety. It is important to stay focused on evenly inhaling and exhaling to combat anxiety. In this way, it will be easy to slow down and re-centre the mind. 

  • Take help from Anti Stress Games

Some of the mind relaxing, AntiStress and Anxiety Relief Game games help people to relax and enjoy. They usually act as stress-releasing therapy. Anyone can download Satisfying Games from Google play store in minutes to get rid of daily stresses and relax. These offline mind relaxing games are specifically designed with a great concept and full of relaxation toys that serve as colour therapy for all age groups. 

In Endless AntiStress relaxing games, a person has to play the role of a free kid who is in free mode, to get instant relief from stress and anxiety. These games possess: 

  • Numerous mind freshness toys with High-quality relaxing sounds to eliminate or minimize the feelings of anxiousness.  
  • They offer a very Smooth control to play with the 3D fidget toys to accomplish Different Relaxation toys missions. 
  • Take support from the 3-3-3 rule

This technique needs the person to Look around and name the first three things. In the second phase, he has to name three sounds. In the last step moving three body parts is involved. Whenever anyone feels that their brain is going 100 miles per hour, this anti-stress trick can help centre their mind, bringing their focus back to the present moment. 

  • Just do something

Some distraction acts can help people to stop the feelings of anxiousness. Some of the distraction acts are:

  • Stand up
  • Take a short walk
  • Clean the desk or room 
  • Take shower or do something that can interrupt the train of anxious thoughts. 
  • Stand up straight

During the feelings of anxiousness, the human body experiences fatigue.  A very immediate physical antidote to this fatigue is:

Pull your shoulders back and stand or sit with feet apart. Now open your chest and take a deep breath. In this way, it becomes easy to sense that every feeling is back in control. 

  • Practice PMR

PMR refers to the progressive muscle relaxation technique. It involves gradually stretching and then relaxing body muscles from head to toe. While doing PMR it is mandatory to sit at a very calm and quiet place. However, it can be done at noisy places as well but its effectiveness will be reduced.  

  • Ask for a second opinion

Sometimes reassurance from some friend or family member can reduce worries. Another anti-stress technique is catharsis. Speak or write whatever comes to your mind. Take help from Exercise as it is one of the best anxiety remedies. Going for a short walk also creates a diversion from worries and releases muscle tension. Take a pause and try 3-minute meditation as an immediate anti-stress therapy to stop the feeling of anxiousness. Sit down, take a few deep breaths, feel that your breath is moving through the body, and breathe out. 

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