3 Areas of Law a Professional Immigration Lawyer Practices

There are several ways in which immigration law affects large corporations, individuals, and families. Many immigration lawyers meet clients who need immigration law advice during their employment immigration, family immigration and entrepreneur or investor immigration. 

Immigration law is complex and vast; therefore, you need a lawyer with extensive knowledge of key immigration issues and the federal government’s power over immigration policies and rules. The field of immigration has been the subject of many cases that the supreme court has heard several times. 

Every branch of the government has an intimate connection to immigration. The main departments involved in immigration matters in the United States include the department of justice, which relates to the issues of immigration courts. 

The department of homeland security works hand in hand with the state department, which deals with non-citizens entering the United states. And the department of labor deals with people immigrating to the United States based on work category. Below are the areas of law professional lawyers like Farmer Law practices.

1. Employment-Based Immigration

It is important to note that you must be authorized to work in the United States. Therefore, all USA notational citizens, individuals with appropriate visa status and green card holders, are allowed to work in the United States. There are various types of visas depending on immigration status. 

For instance, a non-immigrant visa would allow someone to live in the United States for a specified period. However, you should not worry about getting various employment or non-immigrant visa categories because Farmer Law focuses on specific immigration services and requirements.

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2. Family Based Immigration

Not all families are familiar with the knowledge necessary to navigate the United States immigration system. However, Farmer Law is a compassionate team that understands how stressful family-based immigration can be and will be ready to help you along the way.  

Professional immigration lawyers will not only help you fill out forms but will take care of all the details that will help you make a difference and succeed in your case. The Farmer Law will create a road map based on your personal immigration history and will put you in the best chance to achieve success through a personalized approach.

3. Investors/Entrepreneur Immigration

The lawyers at farmer law offer investor immigration services to executives seeking to transfer to the United States and entrepreneurs from all over the world looking to expand their business in the United States. 

As an investor, the immigration lawyers will guide you through the raft of laws, regulations and paperwork that will make your business immigration process as simple as possible. They will also provide you with the tools necessary to relocate your business to the United States successfully. The Farmer law lawyers will help you as a temporary investor, immigrant investor and more.


The three areas in which professional lawyers, such as the farmer law practice, include; employment-based immigration, where they help immigrants to get authorized to work in the United States. Family-based immigration, where the lawyers will help you navigate through the US immigration system based on your immigration history. And the investors’ immigration services make relocating business in the United States seamless.

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