4 Tips for Spending More Quality Time with Your Friends

It can be hard to find time to spend with friends through life’s everyday hustle and bustle. You have to make the time in your calendar. Set a date with your best friend, or with a group of friends, for one or more of these great quality time activities.

Play Games Together, Online And In Person

Playing games is one of the oldest ways to spend time with a friend. Humans have enjoyed fun competitions with each other for millennia. Even something as simple as running can be turned into a game between friends. Now, with modern technology at our fingertips, we do not even have to be together to enjoy playing games and spending time with one another.

Online games like Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Wordle are lots of fun to play and provide an opportunity to compete against your besties to find words and solve puzzles. There is help out there if you get stuck. With so many different words for you to choose from in a game, there is no shame in using the tools available online to make things a little easier.

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Plan Time Away Together

This is a great idea if you are part of a group of friends that do not get to meet up very often. Even if it is just you and a close friend, getting away for a weekend and doing something special is the perfect way to spend some quality time together. Plan some time away to see a show or a sporting event or go to a performance of one of your favorite musical acts.

For groups, there are more options. Airbnb can give you a great destination just about anywhere. If your group of friends is spread out around the country, pick a spot roughly in the middle and look for venues. You can have a few days together partying and enjoying each other’s company, and all go back to your homes when the event is over.

Host A Movie Or A Games Night

Doing this works well for just a couple of friends who want to spend time together, or for groups, and even for groups with their families. The more the merrier. You can watch a classic favorite or something new that no one has seen yet. Make a whole day or night of the occasion and watch a trilogy or series together. This is a great excuse to watch the Star Wars saga or your favorite Marvel films again.

The setup is important. If you have a friend with a big-screen TV, or even a dedicated media room, then their house is the obvious location. All you need is one good screen, snacks, and a selection of films that everyone enjoys. Make a big deal of it. Send invites and roll out the red carpet. Don’t forget the popcorn.

Host A Dinner Party

For more than a one-on-one meeting, why not host a full-scale dinner party? For just two friends, going out to lunch or brunch makes more sense. No one is left with the washing up or has to spend time on meal prep. For a group of friends, especially a collection of couples, throwing a dinner party is a great way to bring everyone together and have a fun time.

To get the dinner party started on the right foot, send real paper invites. Set a dress code and provide a menu. Go all in. All your friends will appreciate the effort you have put in. If you would prefer something simpler, and easier to cater for, do a potluck dinner.

Do not stop at one of these ideas, use all of them. You can make monthly events out of most of these tips, and ensure you get to spend regular quality time with your friends.

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