5-minute tutorial video: Why it works

The internet dictates the way we consume the video medium and our attention span and consumption pattern dictates the way social media platforms evolve. It is the most consumer-friendly space where the consumer and the platform depend on each other to create a better space. 

The attention span of the viewers plays a huge role in deciding the length of a video. This also affects the way tutorials are created. Can a tutorial longer than 5 minutes be too long? Should a tutorial be less than 5 minutes? Why is 5 minutes the sweet spot to create a perfect tutorial video? Let’s find out. 

Fits the lifestyle of busy people 

In this digital era, we want quick information at the reach of a click. Quick answers and precise solutions to problems are what the consumer wants. We don’t get the time to manage our interests and hobbies. We hardly get time to cook food, so we grab a burger on the way to work. Similarly, while keeping up with a busy lifestyle, it becomes difficult to consume long-form content. 

A 5-minute video can solve the problem. When a person is searching for solutions, they expect quick solutions and are more likely to click on the 5-minute video. They can replicate the tutorial in real-time while multitasking. This duration adds great value to people who like to learn quickly because they have a tight schedule. You can easily create, edit and stylize a 5-minute tutorial video using a free online video editor.

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Perfect for the average human attention span

According to scientists, the average human attention span is less than that of a goldfish. This is clear from the emergence of micro-content to cater to the viewer’s short attention span. Sometimes, covering a topic to teach is not possible using micro-content videos that are less than 60 seconds, but they can’t feel stretched out to the point of boredom. Hence, a  5-minute video tends to hit the sweet spot when you want to target the audience while providing the full value. 

Creating a 5-minute tutorial video needs skill. You constantly have to compress a whole lot of information to fit in the time frame without missing the facts and meaning. To be able to compress the information, you would want to edit a lot of footage. It would be best if you have a script or a film shot list handy to make sure you cover everything necessary for that particular topic without missing out on essential points or shots. 

Gives the impression that it is doable

There are multiple factors that play a huge role in deciding whether a viewer would go ahead and click on your tutorial video. The thumbnail and the title are obvious, but did you know that the duration of the video determines if a viewer would start watching. When you opt for a tutorial that is an hour-long you give the impression that the task at hand is difficult to do. On the other hand, a shorter 5-minute tutorial video will give the impression that the tutorial gives an easy solution and the task is doable. 

A successful tutorial video is usually 5-minute long and gets higher engagement. Higher engagement and reach with good keyword optimization will result in the crawling up of the video while the users search for the solution to the problem. It’s advisable to keep a question in the title that viewers are more likely to search for like ‘How to create a 5-minute tutorial video?’ This combination of a tight duration, a perfect thumbnail, and an interesting title will make sure users click and sit through the tutorial video. The 5-minute tutorial video length also increases repeat watches. In case the viewer is unable to solve the problem at one watch, they wouldn’t have to go through a long video all over again. In a similar situation, no one will think twice to restart a 5-minute video from the top. 

Bonus tips for creating a 5-minute tutorial video

Keep it simple

When you create a 5-minute tutorial video make sure to keep it simple and precise so that the steps are easy to understand and implement. Making a video tutorial unnecessarily complicated will make the viewer skip to another video that offers a  simpler solution. 

Screen record

 When you’re creating a tutorial video that requires software intelligence or computer usage it’s best to record your screen rather than capturing it using a camera. Recording your screen will provide you with high-quality tutorial video output. 

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is very important while creating a 5-minute tutorial video as you modify up the details accordingly. If the question and the problem are targeting experts, then you can use a get away with few jargons.

Any beginners must try to use simple words and methods to search for your problems. When you create an in-depth tutorial video you assume that the viewer has some knowledge of the subject and this helps you navigate the problem better to fit the requirement of the viewer. You must customize your tutorial videos according to the subject and target audience for better engagement and reach. 

Write a script and draw a storyboard

To get a perfect duration and fit everything within the 5-minute time frame you need a script and a storyboard that highlights the information and action on screen. This will help you plan, record, and edit your tutorial video very easily.

Add music and voice over

Ambient music in tutorial videos makes them interesting and gripping throughout. The addition of voice-over adds a human presence, which makes the viewers relate to the actions on screen. 

Ready to create your 5-minute tutorial video?

Now that you’ve mastered the art of a 5-minute tutorial video, use these insights to create and provide value to your viewers!

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