5 Most Common Businesses In China

China is one of the world’s biggest economies. It is an industrial and economical powerhouse. Its success has solely been based on a hard-working labor force and an economy that is diverse in all forms of business. China is an example for all when it comes to economic and commercial development. 

Today if we look around us, half the products we will find are made in China. From your electronics to things as small and simple as a pencil sharpener, Made In China is stamped on them all. The quantity of goods that are sold and manufactured by China is truly astonishing. 

As we have mentioned above, China creates pretty much anything and everything. You name a product and there will surely be a manufacturer for it in China. However, some businesses are more common in China than others. Similarly, some products are more commonly made in China than in any other country. To understand why China is such a big powerhouse, we need to know about these firms as well. In this article, we will be getting an insight into some of the most commonly found businesses in China. 

1: Jewelry

Jewelry has always been a very popular product across the world. It is a symbol of wealth and beauty. However, today we can easily find fake plastic jewelry as well. Although it is not an expensive product, it still adds an aspect of beauty. 

China is one of the biggest manufacturers of plastic jewelry in the world. It is predominantly responsible for most of these jewelry items available in retail and online markets. Therefore, factories that produce them are very commonly found in China. 

Chinese jewelry wholesale suppliers can be easily found online and you can use them as suppliers for your retail store or online store anywhere in the world. 

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2: Spare Parts

Chinese car manufacturers are not as popular across the world in comparison to German or Japanese manufacturers. However, China is very popular when it comes to the spare parts market and 8industry. Chinese spare parts are available for just about any and every car sold in the market. These parts are very popular because of their relatively cheap cost and price. 

Chinese spare parts also provide diversity. A good example of this is headlights. The Chinese industry provides a distinct car headlight design in the market. These include versions of company-issued headlights as well as other modified and customized versions too. 

3: Plastic Products

Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials in the world right now. It is used in all sorts of industries. Subsequently, China is one of the biggest manufacturers of plastic products. In 2019, China made 48.91 billion US Dollars from the sale of plastic products. 

China creates all sorts of plastic products. These range from plastic hairpins to plastic furniture and car parts. Plastic chairs manufacturing is a very common business in China as well. Due to its high population, there is a high demand for such products locally too. 

4: Construction Businesses

China houses a massive population. It is the most populated country in the world. China’s population has reached a staggering 1.4 billion people. To put it into perspective, that is about 4.5 times higher than the population of the US. This becomes even more massive when you consider that they both have almost the same amount of land. Thus, there is a great need for infrastructure and housing. 

China has one of the biggest economies when it comes to construction and infrastructure. China is known for its efficient and mind-boggling engineering. The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is the world’s tallest glass bridge. The Three Gorges Dam is the World’s biggest dam. Both these are prime examples of China’s engineering and construction capabilities. 

Other than that, since there is such a high population, real estate is always in demand. The construction of homes and housing complexes is very common in China. Thus, there is a great market for Construction businesses. 

5: Tech Development

China is one of the world leaders when it comes to tech development. According to the Chinese Ministry of statistics, the economic output for telecommunication, software, and Information technology was 587.4 billion US Dollars. This shows just how vast the industry is in China. 


China is one of the most growing and booming economies in the world. As long as it continues to grow, more and more businesses will become a common sight in China. We have listed some of the most common businesses in China. However, due to the vastness of its economic activities, there are a lot more businesses as well that are pretty common in China.

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