6 Rail Enquiry Tools That Can Ease Your Train Travel 

Millions of individuals commute daily by train. However, sometimes passengers make mistakes despite knowing everything. Getting all the relevant information regarding railways is essential if such a case happens to you.

Train enquiry tools offer real-time data on various topics, including the status of a live train, seat availability, train schedule, ticket confirmation, waitlist tickets, and more. With these travel tools, you can get accurate rail information to help you plan and execute your journey. 

Here we have sorted the list of 6 most helpful rail enquiry tools that can make your train travel preferable and enjoyable. 

1.) Seat Availability: Gone are the days when passengers queued to check train and seat availability. RailMitra App, accredited by Indian Railways, is the one-stop solution that helps you plan your train trip and saves you from last-minute hassles. It’s easy to check seat availability on a train by simply downloading the RailMitra App, clicking on the Seat Availability icon, and entering the train number, boarding & deboarding station, boarding date, and class. Upon entering the information, you will be given a list of available trains and seats. 

2.) IRCTC Train Schedule: Passengers who know the train schedule in advance can avoid last-minute chaos and save time and energy. You can access the IRCTC train schedule on your phone while relaxing at home using the RailMitra App. RailMitra’s Train Schedule tool provides information about platforms, stations, train timings, arrivals, and departures.

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Click on the Train Schedule option in the app and enter the train details in the box before performing the search. The train schedule will be listed after the process.

3.) Live Train Running Status: Remember when you needed to ask your passengers about train stoppage? But, now you don’t need to do so. With the IRCTC-accredited RailMitra App, you can see the status of your train at your fingertips. You can use Live Train Running Status tools to find where the train has stopped and where it will stop. This app’s GPS tracking does wonders for keeping travellers informed wherever they go. The app provides precise train location information through the NTES or National Train Enquiry System.  

4.) Fare Enquiry: Are you planning a long tour but unsure about the train fare? No worries! The rail fare enquiry tool of Indian Railways gives accurate fare info before booking your train ticket. Grab your mobile phone and enter your train name/number and destination on the train tool section of the app and get the information about the train fare within a blink of an eye. You can check the fare of different classes of different trains to make your train trip budget. 

5.) Food in the Train: When it comes to train travel, a journey without tasty food is not worth it. So, in this day and age, why rely on stale pantry car food? RailMitra’s train travel tools are here to serve you healthy and fresh food directly at your train seats. Order food on the train to satisfy your hungry soul by clicking on the app button. You can eat vegetarian and non-vegetarian food on the train and get a discount on your first order. While many apps claim to provide accurate train information, RailMitra is the best for making your journey even more enjoyable.

Apart from RailMitra food services, you can also order food on train from Railrestro e-catering service provider. Railrestro is a dedicated food on train app that caters numerous food options in front of Rail Passengers. 

6.) Station Details: When arriving at their destination, travellers always search for waiting areas, restrooms, retiring rooms, or water vending areas; as a result, it is challenging to seek support from other travellers due to the turmoil in such a crowded setting. The all-in-one RailMitra App provides station information, including the number of changing rooms, restrooms, retiring rooms, platforms, and other amenities. The app also informs you about the station code, nearest station, nearest airport, and metro stations for the convenience of the passengers.

So what are you waiting for? Install the RailMitra app and use the various tools of this app to plan your train trip. The app provides real-time information about live train running status, PNR status, seat availability, train enquiry, and trains between two stations. This system has allowed passengers to make their tours more convenient. With the advancement of this technology, passengers no longer have to wait in long queues and arrive at the station early for any rail query. 

Download the app to check PNR status, waitlisted tickets, train fare, seat availability, and live train running status. 

RailMitra wishes you the healthiest and Mangal May Rail Yatra.

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