6 Tips for Doing Business on the Golf Course

Many great business deals are done on the golf course. Playing a round or two will give you time to get to know your client and perfect your sales pitch in your head before you try it out for real. Here are six tips for doing business on the golf course which will hopefully get you the result you want. 

Choose the Right Golf Course

Do your research properly and think about the perfect golf course for your client. If they haven’t been playing for long, then choose an easier course to help them to feel comfortable. If they are a high-profile client, make sure you pick a golf course with an excellent reputation. Also, think about whether you will want to seal the deal on the course itself or go for a drink or meal afterward. This might make the difference between whether you need a course with excellent facilities or not. Visit here to know about The Left Rough

Arrive Early

Your entrance is the first chance for you to make a good impression for the day. If you have arrived early and set up the tee already it means that all your client has to do is arrive and play. This makes it easy for them to have a round of golf and this will give them a good first impression of what you will be like to do business with too. 

Pay for the Round

If you have invited the client, you should expect to pay for the round. This is a fantastic way to show them how you like to treat your clients and make sure that they feel special. That way they are more likely to do business with you.

Be Prepared

Don’t make yourself look like an amateur or your client will think you are one both on and off the course. If you haven’t played the game for a while, it is a good idea to take yourself off to the driving range or play a round or two the weekend before so that you can get warmed up.

There is an etiquette to how you dress on the golf course so make sure you follow it and don’t embarrass your client by turning up incorrectly dressed. You should also carry the right equipment. Golf clubs should be of decent quality to impress your client and if you are driving a golf cart make sure you weatherproof it; a sunburnt or soaking client will be less happy to do business on the golf course than a dry, happy one. 

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Know When to Strike

Knowing when to start your business pitch is imperative if you want it to go down well. You might be super keen to talk business, but you should keep the conversation light for the first few holes to give your client time to warm up and relax. General chit-chat will also give you time to work out the kind of person your client is and alter your pitch accordingly. 

Don’t Get Emotional

Even if you hate to lose, keep your emotions intact. Getting angry or frustrated over the game is not going to win you any business deals. You will impress your client much more if you keep your emotions intact and stay calm, cool, and collected as this is an indicator of how you will act in the boardroom too. 

Doing deals on the golf course is great as it means you have a relaxed atmosphere and a relaxed client to work with. Follow these six rules for doing business on the golf course and, hopefully, this will lead to you doing a lot more of it between rounds. Nice work if you can get it. 

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