7 Small living room Hacks

Living in metros and cosmopolitans is always fun and a thrilling experience everyday. However, the setback to the metro living are the space constraints we often encounter. Small space constraints are highly prevalent and there are hacks that can instantly add a shine to your small living rooms giving them a functional vibe.

Here Five hacks to make your living rooms bigger and smart:

The more natural light in your home, the better it feels. Small spaces often tend to look loaded with things even if there are only a few items. Hence, a great way to reflect as much light as possible is to use pleasant colours in place of bold ones. Using lighter colour tones helps reflect more natural light. This also gives a minimalist feel making the place look bigger than usual. A cohesive colour scheme also can be choosed if you don’t want to go for light tones.

  • Furniture ideas

If you are someone who often has guests or invites friends over to your place then, arranging for their stay should never be a hassle. While choosing furniture, select functional ones or 2-in-1 furniture such as a sofa bed which is multi utility. They can be easily convertible, yet simple aesthetically. SImilar furniture for small spaces are nested tables, foldable chairs, wall mounted dining tables etc.

  • Avoid heavy furniture in the living room

Avoiding heavy furniture like a big sofa or a multi seater dining table etc can be a space saver to a large extent. Instead you could go for sofa bed designs, small coffee tables that serve the purpose of dining as well. You can also try the Japanese dining table that has low seating. Along with making the living room bigger, its modest design can be quite pleasing.

  • Avoid partitioning spaces

If you live in a property that you own then, partitioning is something that is in your hands. Do not partition the living room, that will make the hall area tiny. Partitions that are movable can be avoided completely. Instead you can add a sheer curtain to delineate the dining area.

  • Invest in furniture that come with storage 

There are many designs of living room furniture you can opt for that come with storage. They being multi functional are a great way to store as well as use. Apart from this mirrors are another great way to create an illusion effect in your living areas. They amplify the tiny spaces in an unseen way.

  • Use floating furniture

Floating your furniture onto the walls especially books and planters  is a fab idea. These floating bookshelves are easily available online and easy to install as well. They are also cost effective, and give a great look to your living room.

  • Lightening the room

Every house stands out on mainly three things first being interiors, second ventilation, and third the taste for lighting. Lighting often makes a huge difference. Initially we had only tube lights as an option, however, nowadays there are various lights available such as the sensor lights, touch lights and in different shades like warm white, snow white, yellow light, LEDs and a lot more. Use lighting effectively and make a huge impact on your living rooms.

Lastly, get rid of everything and anything that is not necessary to make your home clutter free. Amp up your small living rooms with these simple hacks.