Are Motorcycle Accidents Dangerous? 

Motorcycle accidents have been a rising cause of concern in the States. Meeting an accident while riding a motorcycle is way more dangerous than a car accident, as the motorcyclist is more vulnerable during an accident. Collisions while riding a motorcycle are usually fatal or lead to severe injuries. 

Accidents can occur due to distraction, lack of driving skills, or negligence. If you believe that your accident was due to somebody else’s negligence, you can hold them accountable for your injuries and other losses. A Vermont injury attorney can guide you with the legal proceedings and help you get compensation. 

What are the injuries that occur due to motorcycle accidents?

Injuries that occur during a motorcycle accident need immediate medical attention. If the victim gets late, the damage could result in unpredictable complications or death. 

  • Muscle damage.

When a collision occurs between the car and the motorcycle, there will be a high risk of muscle damage that may become permanent and lead to paralysis.

  • Injury to the head and neck.

Injuries such as fractures of the skull are the most common injuries to the rider in an accident.

  • Injury to the arms.

When the rider’s arm comes under the motorcycle’s weight, there will be damage to the arm, which is known as the biker’s arm, which sometimes results in partial or complete paralysis.

Reasons motorcycle accidents are more dangerous. 

  • Low protection.

If a motorcycle has a collision, you will always observe that the injury to the motorcyclist is more than the other vehicle who is involved. During a crash, the passenger in the car is protected by the car’s frame, which shields the passenger from all the debris. Also, most cars contain airbags or seatbelts. However, these features are not present in the motorcycle, and the motorcyclist is more prone to injury.

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  • The braking power of the motorcycle is less.

Maximum cases of motorcycle collision are due to problems with the brakes. Even when the biker applies the brakes, they will observe that the brakes can quickly spin out of control while other vehicles have stronger brake systems than motorcycles. Injuries that occur due to sliding are more severe and require immediate medical attention. While in other cases, the biker is thrown away from the bike, which causes more injuries.

  • The motorcyclist has less control over the motorcycle.

More than 25% of accidents often include roadside objects such as street signs or potholes. The motorcycle has susceptible control compared to other vehicles, so it will be very easy to steer off into a nearby object when the motorcyclist is startled.

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