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Gas Credit Cards

        Gas credit cards, or plastic, can save you money at the gas station when filling up your vehicle. There are some of the cards that can save you up to eight cents a gallon. These cards are usually branded by the gas station and sometimes accompanied by the Visa or Mastercard brand.

        You can use these cards at the gas station that have the brand, for instance, if it is a Shell card, you can use it at any Shell station in the United States. You can get the beste kredittkort drivstoff or best fuel credit card by doing a search on the internet. This can help you to find one from your favorite gas station.

        This article will give you some information about fuel plastic. It will help you to decide if this is a good idea for you. You can also do some more research to find even more information.

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Fuel Cards

        When gas was getting over five dollars per gallon, people were doing everything they could do to save money. Many people turned to fuel cards because they could get up to ten cents a gallon off gas prices by using them. The savings can get big on these cards if you fill up often.

        Most people, about 2/3 of them, use plastic to buy gas anyway, so they should have one that can save them some money. There are sometimes other rewards that they can offer, as well. These would be good for everyone to use.

        Using a branded fuel card will save you money at your favorite stations. If you choose one with higher rewards, you can save even more money. You just need to be careful about how you use the plastic.

        Some of these are not part of a larger payment network and they can only be used at the gas station that issued it. There are others that offer rewards for buying fuel but aren’t branded with any particular station. Then there are more that big rewards for several stations, but not others.

        Some of the rebates for these cards offer rebates of one to three percent. Others go as high as five percent: Others offer a set amount for every gallon of fuel used.

        You must choose the right plastic for you – a certain percentage could save you more than a certain amount for each gallon. On the other hand, you might like the percentage more. Either way you will get savings, you just must choose which benefit is best for you.

        The best way to use one of these is to not carry a balance on them. They need to be paid off in full every month so that you don’t accrue any interest on them. If you don’t pay them in full, you will miss out on any savings that you might have had.

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        These types of cards usually have higher interest than regular cards. This is the reason that you want to pay them off in full each month. You will be paying more for the interest than the savings that you get.

        For example, if your plastic has an interest rate of 18% but your rewards are only 5%, you are losing about 13% each month instead of saving. If you pay it off in full, you won’t have to pay any interest and you will get your savings. If you want your savings, pay your bill in full.

        Another hint about using these fuel plastic is to not pass up gas stations that have a lower gas price just to get your bonus on more expensive fuel. If the least expensive station is selling gas for $3.09 and you pass it up to spend $4.09 just to save 3%, you aren’t saving any money. Stop at the less expensive station and fill up.

        If you are driving and almost out of fuel and the station that has your rewards is the next one you see, by all means, stop. You will save the money that way because you would have stopped anyway. Going out of your way to save a few cents won’t help you much if you spend more than that to drive there.

        You want to make sure that you don’t go too far out of your way in order to save a few cents. It would cost you too much to drive and you would waste your gas. Just stop at the stations that are on your way.

        You need to remember that there are also regular plastic that have rewards and cashback on them. You can use these cards at most stations, but not everywhere. Sam’s Club and Costco are examples of where you can’t use these types of cards.

        There are some other branded stations that won’t accept your regular plastic. Check with gas apps and other apps to see which cards are accepted and where. This will save you some time and money.

        Consider how you will get your rewards and when you will get them. Some rewards are capped at a certain amount. Others will not let you cash out until you reach a certain amount.

        If your card is capped at a certain amount, you might want to check for others – unless that amount is fairly high. If you have a lower limit, check elsewhere. You want to find the best rewards that you can use.

        You need to consider all these details when you are applying for your card. You might be able to cash out your rewards on your next tank of fuel. You might have to wait until you reach that amount.

        Think about all the other rewards cards that you might have. Some offer cashback, others give you flight miles, and still others will give you other rewards. Some of these cards will save you more money than a gas card will.

        There are even some cards that have revolving rewards that can include fuel rewards. Some of them, you get to choose the awards for, while others choose them for you. You can choose the one that best fits your needs.

        Some of these cards will allow you to change the rewards every day. Others say that you can change them monthly. Still others won’t let you change them at all.

        You will need to read all the terms on the card that you choose. It might have higher interest rates or fees than other similar ones. Watch out for higher APRs, late fees, overlimit fees, and other fees that will cost you more than any savings you may earn.

        If you are spending more on fees, or could possibly pay more, you should look for a regular card that has lower fees and interest. This will end up saving you more money than the rewards cards. There are gas cards that are completely worth having.

        Understand the cost of the card, the fees, and the rewards that are offered before you apply. Take the time to figure out what your savings will really be. If you drive a lot for work or like to travel, it may be better for you. If you don’t drive a lot, other reward cards may be better for you.

        On average, most cards will give you a three percent reward. The average fuel economy for an average car can be about 24 miles per gallon. The average person drives about 13,000 miles per year.

        If you consider all these averages, you will use around 540 gallons of gas per year. The average cost for a gallon of gas is about $3.80 per gallon. If this is the case, you would use around $2,000 dollars per year on fuel.

        The savings that you could have if this is all true for you, you would end up saving just about $61 per year in fuel costs. This might not be enough for you to get a fuel card, but it could be. Savings of that much is still savings.


        You need to carefully consider the benefits of these cards before you apply. Many are worth applying for, but some will cost you more than they will save you. You might also consider other reward cards that can give you discounts on fuel.

        You need to be careful when you are using these cards, as well. You can save money if you use them wisely. The right card with the right rewards can save you money.