Can AoT Survey Corps Themed Apparel Be Purchased?

Anime is no stranger to introducing military themes and terminology to their viewers. Attack on Titan Survey Corps has been a popular anime series based on a fictional military branch. The theme of the anime is very similar to a real surveying company in the military, and the show has many elements modeled after actual military installations. 

The Story Behind Attack on Titan: Survey Corps

Only the greatest troops make up the Survey Corps, a division of the military that frequently engages in direct contact to Titans and excursions outside the wall. 

The Survey Corps possesses two crucial roles: they are responsible for the task of opening new routes for big battalions to use in counter-offensive assaults in Titan-infested areas, and they also conduct fresh studies on Titans by examining their biology and developing new technologies and defensive strategies. 

The Survey Corps only enrolls 10% within the 104th Training Corps. Their infamous green hooded cloaks bearing the “Wings of Freedom” coat of arms are well known. 

But above all else, by their courage, honor, and sacrifice, they stand for freedom and hope for mankind. Merchandise with the logo is widely available, and sales of AOT survey corps hats, shirts, and other merchandise are still performed online. 

Before the breakthrough of Wall Maria, it was said that entering the Survey Corps was a “suicide” mission and a waste of state dollars due to the high fatality rate and numerous casualties. Over the course of four years, they had lost around 90% of its warriors. That didn’t serve as a deterrent to those who were committed to the mission that the Corps stood for. 

The Survey Corps, however, swiftly turned into humanity’s greatest weapon once the Walls had been breached and Titan protection strengthened as a result, particularly with Eren Jaeger within its armament.

Along with fighting prowess, its members have a common quality that includes tremendous courage alongside a burning passion. Due to their extensive battlefield knowledge, the Survey Corps men are probably considered the finest of the best. 

Since few people are anticipated to live through their initial voyage, each excursion helps them hone their abilities and increase their odds of survival.

The Survey Corps might also be said to be the most selfless, acting as saviors who want nothing in return. The warriors of the Survey Corps are sincerely fighting for a better future for humanity and are not driven by wealth, authority, or greed.

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The 13th leader was Erwin Smith, who after his passing transferred authority to Hange Zoe.

Ten teams comprise the Survey Corps, each headed by a team captain. The four squadron leaders (, who are under the authority of the commander, receive reports from the team leaders.

In comparison to other divisions similar to the Garrison (10,000 troops) or the Armed Forces Police Brigade (2000 soldiers), the Survey Corps only has 300 men prepared for combat. There are 270 troops in one corp, along with a captain, four squadron administrators, a senior supervisor with eight squad leaders reporting to him/her, five finance staff, six medics, and five horse veterinarians.

The crescent-shaped configuration of Survey Corps, with its commander in the front, is crucial to the organization’s strategy. Teams eight and ten serve as logistical units for the formation, holding supplies. It takes a lot of cooperation and trust to keep the formation from disintegrating since the Corps commander manages the entire unit as “one giant organism.”

When on assignments to find opponents, a V-shaped or crane winged formation is utilized.


It requires only one method to execute a Titan: cut the back of its neck just below the skull, which is one meter overall length and ten millimeters in width. Injuring other portions of the Titan’s body may slow it down.

Tools and weaponry

Each soldier in the Survey Corps is provided with disposable blades and vertical maneuvering gear. A soldier may move in multiple dimensions with the use of maneuvering equipment. It comes with additional disposable blades in the scabbards as well as gas cylinders for propulsion. Click here to read more on gas cylinders. Each leg has one of these.

The ultrahard steel used to make the disposable blades is strong and flexible.

It can only be produced in industry towns with sufficient blast furnaces. The “snappable” swords used to fight Titans are readily dulled by their hard skin and need to be changed frequently. The blade utilized to sever a Titan’s skin may be simply snapped away while replaced with one that has been sharpened if it becomes dull.

A soldier needs two horses for standard mobility and long distance travel, thus one is kept in reserve. Given that the Corps has about 300 troops in it, this indicates that there are roughly 600 horses in it.