Ceiling Paint: Everything You Need to Know

From ceiling paint colour trends to painting tips, here’s all you need to know. 

The most common misconception about renovating a home is that we only need to choose the best colours and paints for the walls. We tend to overlook one ever-present part of every room, the ceiling. The fact is that ceilings are a sensitive area to work with, not just in terms of paint application but also incorporated into the design of the room. With the right shade, they can add another layer to the character of a room, besides making it seem brand-new.

As a product, ceiling paint is sold separately and is formulated to make it easier to apply. Here is the complete low-down on ceiling paint and how to choose the right one, such as Berger paints for interiors.

Ceiling Paint vs. Regular Paint

The biggest difference between ceiling paint and regular paint is the viscosity. The best ceiling paint has a higher viscosity, which helps it stick to the surface better and not drip or splatter when applied. The higher number of solids in ceiling paint makes this possible, apart from giving a smooth finish. The general viscosity of high-quality ceiling paint is equal to that of slightly diluted honey, a quality that also helps prevent paint mist, which can travel via air, getting into your eyes or sticking to the skin. It can even prove dangerous to your health if inhaled.

So, while choosing paints for your home’s interiors, it’s important to look for options that facilitate complete coverage, since low-viscosity or ordinary latex paints could leave unsightly areas due to drips. Berger’s Never Miss Ceiling White offers the perfect covering and a dazzling white finish. It appears pink in colour while being applied but dries into the perfect flat white. It is formulated with excellent hiding power to give you a smooth finish.

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How to Choose Ceiling Paint

Since higher viscosity is pretty much a given, your final decision should take into account other factors as well. For instance, does your ceiling paint offer dust resistance? Ceilings are prone to dust settling on the surface. Good-quality paints like Never Miss Ceiling White are dust resistant so that the ceiling retains a stunning white look for a long time to come. Also, moisture protection is an absolute must, which is addressed by ceiling paints with added silicon.

Ceilings are usually painted white so that the colours of the walls and furniture remain the focal points. In fact, choose a classy matte finish for the perfect backdrop to your interiors. Another important consideration is that the paint does not give off harmful fumes. Low-VOC paints, especially those with a Green Pro certification, should be your first choice. High-VOC paints not only damage the environment, but they are also a major health hazard for the people living in the house. 

Choosing the Right Colours for Ceiling Paint

Although painting your ceiling white has very much been a convention, you might want to make a visual statement by choosing a captivating colour. Colour is also a great tool to give the impression of space or cosiness, whichever is required and tie the walls together. For instance, Berger Cobalt Blue can make a large room feel cosier and less intimidating. If you want to make the room feel more spacious, choose a muted yellow from the Berger Paints for interior walls catalogue. These days, many also pick dark shades for ceilings for a unique, dramatic effect. 

If you’re not sure which colour will look best, use a Virtual Painter tool to simulate how trending paint colours on the ceiling will go with the walls. Those looking for a simulation tailored to their own walls and ceiling can try the Colour Studio feature from Berger. 

Preparing the Ceiling for Painting

One of the most important steps before any ceiling paint job is to prepare the surface. This entails cleaning all the dust and cobwebs and sanding down the surface. Then, putty and primer should be applied to cover all cracks, gaps and undulations for a perfectly smooth look. If only the ceiling is being painted, the edges should be covered with masking tape to avoid paint getting onto the moulding or walls.

The best idea to prepare and paint a ceiling is to leave it to the experts. With Berger’s Express Painting services, not only do you get the job done to your satisfaction but in a lot less time. The painters are trained to prep all interior and exterior surfaces with expert precision and use automated tools that ensure accuracy, cleanliness and safety.

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