Christmas Decorations From Wood To Gold; The Cutest Christmas Decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Wonderful, that period before Christmas when you look forward to the holidays. The Christmas tree in the house, but no stress about 5 course dinners for a while. Do you also love getting started with the Christmas decorations? Here are some tips to get your home in the Christmas spirit. We have recently put up all the Christmas lights outside, but we can still add some more inside. That’s why ol went looking for inspiration for the cutest Christmas decorations.

Well, what will be on our Christmas message list? For starters, Christmas is the celebration of light for a reason. You never have too many candles in winter anyway, right? Then, of course, you have the Christmas decorations for the tree and then some nice Christmas goodies, such as a christmas t-shirt (Dutch: kerst shirt) or christmas accessoires to make things cozy. On a shelf, in the window frame or on the mantelpiece, you can put these Christmas decorations everywhere. And of course, let’s not forget the Christmas cards! Do you always find the latter a lot of hassle? Then we have a great time-saving tip for you. Instead, you can snuggle up under a rug on the couch with a nice Christmas movie! Long live winter time.

What do you think of when you think of Christmas decorations?

Christmas decoration can be applied in different areas, I’ll give you a few examples:

  • As mentioned, the Christmas lights outside,
  • Lights and candles inside,
  • Christmas decoration in the form of a nativity scene under your tree,
  • A Christmas village somewhere in your room,
  • The balls and frills in your Christmas tree,
  • Christmas socks on the fireplace (we have them too),
  • nice christmas pillows in your couch or a special plaid,
  • A cozy Christmas arrangement on the table,
  • Nice decoration in your window sills.

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Christmas decoration in all colors and types

Christmas decorations used to be available mainly in red and gold. Those days are over! Nowadays you can buy Christmas baubles in all colors of the rainbow. And by the way, not only colors are trendy… Black and white Christmas decorations are also very popular. And I don’t mind at all! I am a black-white-gold-silver type and the Christmas tree has blue tones. But I also like all these different colors, it’s hard to choose!

Black and white Christmas decorations have become very popular

In any case, black and white is a style that can no longer be left out of the interior and I love it as a base. You can also easily combine it with other shades. I add some cooler tones in the summer and in the winter, for example, ochre yellow or deep sea green.

When I saw these candles from Zoedt, I fell in love with them instantly. For now I put them down with some nice Christmas trees in between and a nice candy cane (see how long that lasts). What do you think? Black and white Christmas decorations turn out really nice and definitely cozy that way too! By the way, if you don’t only want the nice Christmas decorations in your home, but also like to wrap your presents in a nice Christmas style, then you have come to the right place as well, check out these stickers and stationary!

Personalized baubles are on trend

And while we’re on the subject of black, white and gold, I would also like to draw your attention to these personalized Christmas baubles with a photo by Wanapix. You can of course have them made just the way you want them, because they are personalizable, but this match of gold-white-black and red is über awesome so I don’t want to keep that from you.

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