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Most people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast don’t consider the possibility of being involved in a car accident or which attorney would be their preference if it were to happen. Everyone here lives a quiet, laid-back beach lifestyle, not in a hurry to get from one place to the next and few high-speed chases.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be a time when you swerve to miss an armadillo in the road only to hit an oncoming car or inadvertently go through a light colliding with another vehicle or possibly slide on the wet road losing control. 

In these situations, a car accident attorney in Hattiesburg, will be among the first calls to make.

The priority is understanding what qualities the best accident attorney should possess and how to recognize a good fit for your specific circumstances. Consider these suggestions if you become involved in a motor vehicle accident and need someone to guide you through the claims process.

Do You Need An Attorney For A Hattiesburg Car Accident

While the people who live on the Gulf Coast are much more relaxed and casual than you’ll find in other areas of the US, they are prepared for an emergency. It just means there are fewer of them in our towns that lack the hectic hustle and bustle of the big city.

Even still, you’ll find a reputed, experienced, and knowledgeable car accident attorney prepared to help when a car slides off the road in the rain or vehicles collide to avoid wildlife entering the roadway or the rare occurrences when people are driving recklessly or under the influence of substances causing horrific crashes.

How do you know what qualities to look for with an auto accident attorney to ensure you receive optimum compensation for your claim? 

Find out your legal responsibilities when involved in an auto accident at https://www.msbar.org/for-the-public/consumer-information/auto-accidents-do-you-know-your-legal-responsibilities/#:~  and then look at a few suggestions to guide you with your lawyer selection.

  • An accident attorney should specialize in personal injury law

The law field is vast, with lawyers who practice varying aspects of the law, some several. In order to get the best result for your specific claim, it’s ideal to work with an attorney specializing in handling personal injury claims with vehicle accidents, among those years of experience garnering successful cases.

You can gauge this success by a reputation that precedes the lawyer spoken of via testimonials from previous clients satisfied with their results. These results should occur in the courtroom and without having to stand trial.

  • The lawyer prioritizes the best interest of their clients

Many people hesitate to hire legal counsel due to the concern over costs. Fortunately, a lot of reputable personal injury attorneys prioritize their client’s best interests. That means accepting auto accident clients on a contingency basis meaning they receive payment once the client settles.

For many lawyers, that’s an added incentive to work harder for the greatest compensation. Still, it also speaks volumes about the fact that these lawyers are concerned more about ensuring their clients receive better representation.

  • The personal injury attorney is prepared to go to trial to get the best outcome

Some attorneys have not been to trial, which can diminish your potential outcome if you hire one without that experience. 

Suppose an insurance company is aware that you have an attorney avoiding the possibility of having to go to court or that the lawyer will not take the case to trial. In that case, they will take full advantage of the negotiation on unfair terms, ultimately resulting in a low settlement offer for you.

Attorneys experienced and confident in the courtroom usually have success with achieving a maximum settlement for their claims, often without needing to bring their client to trial. The insurance carrier is the one afraid in this scenario. Go here for details on what should happen following a car accident.

Final Thought

One thing to remember as the victim in a car accident, the insurance carrier for the other auto involved is immediately set on offering the least possible settlement. They will make an initial “lowball” offer and do their utmost to “persuade” you to act on their request.

You could very likely be in the hospital with the potential to make rash decisions. An attorney can organize the claim, gather evidence, and issue “settlement demand” correspondence for the insurance carrier on your behalf. 

A personal injury attorney in Hattiesburg handles the logistics following a car accident allowing you to focus on recovering.

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