Domestic Smart Devices That Are Great for Home Security

Domestic home electronics can be anything from kitchen appliances, to gaming consoles and even smart devices. Smart home devices are designed to particularly cater to household usage, like smart sprinklers for instance, or smart thermostats. 

What are smart home devices good for in general? Well, ideally smart devices aid in the automation of basic household tasks and appliances. Take smart thermostats for example; when you once would’ve had to walk over to adjust the temperature, you can now do it with your mobile phones without moving an inch. Similarly, a lot of smart home devices are even voice assistant compatible – so not only do you get the remote control feature, but you can enable voice control over your smart devices for hands-free help!

That’s not all though. Certain smart devices aid in energy saving too; you have your smart thermostats, smart lights, and smart sprinklers as prime examples. However, the one aspect that doesn’t always get much recognition, and gets lost in the hype of the automation feature is the security factor. Some smart devices are the perfect alternatives to window sensors, fences, alarm systems, and all other security measures. They are affordable, provide ease, convenience, and 24/7 access to your home, even if you’re away.

Here are 3 smart devices that are great for home security purposes. Have a read.

Google Nest Doorbell

Video Doorbells are an upgraded and smarter version of your regular doorbell. The Google Nest Doorbell is one of the best contenders in the category. It comes in two variants: wired which retails for $229 and the battery-operated one for $179.99 – but both boasting the same features. 

Never miss a visitor again with the Nest Doorbell! This little device sends alerts directly to your smartphones, tablets and can even announce that somebody is at the door if you have any device featuring the Google Assistant too. This brings us to our next point, alerts and facial recognition. The Nest Doorbell is accessible through the Google Home app, and with a subscription to Nest Aware, users can input names to faces to allow for personalized alerts based on facial recognition. 

The camera quality of Nest Doorbells is quite brilliant for a device this small. It has a 360 wide-angle view, enough for you to see someone from head to toe, and a bright HD video feed that’s clearly visible even after dark hours. With two-way audio, you can communicate with whoever is at your door, and from practically wherever you stand. You could be on vacation and answer your door from your smartphone without even letting the visitor know that you aren’t home. 

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Google Nest Cam

Retailing for $179.99, the Google Nest Cam is the best alternative to regular surveillance cameras. Let’s start with how compact and sleek their design is. Unlike regular surveillance cameras, smart cameras like the Nest Cam are smaller in size, and fit in anywhere you place them. Battery-operated ones can be placed practically anywhere – on shelves, on the window sill, on your dresser, and you can even hide it in case you want to keep the surveillance discreet. 

Not only does the Nest Cam boast a 130 degree view in 1080p HD, but with the live video feed accessible on the Google Home app, but it also sports two-way audio thanks to its built in microphone and speakers. Kids back from school? Speak to them as you watch them come into the kitchen. See your neighbor’s kid wandering near your new flower pot? Tell him you can see him. The two-way audio comes in really handy especially when you’re away from home. As for the live video feed, that is accessible 24/7 from your smartphones, with 3 hours of event history for you to rewind and view too. 

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock 

This 4th generation August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is priced at $249.99. With no additional bridge to connect the device to, lock and unlock your door with the August app on your smartphone or through voice assistants namely Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant, just with simple voice commands. The August Smart Lock makes your door keyless, and tamperproof – the perfect security investment into your home. 

It can generate temporary guest keys for you to lend to your trusted ones so they may come into your home while you’re away. And with the Activity Feed on the August app, keep tabs on your door activity – whenever the door was unlocked, and remotely lock your door too if it isn’t. The device also sends in alerts if your door is left open or unlocked for a long time. 

Final thoughts

Smart devices aren’t just for automating your homes and adding that fancy touch. Almost all price points of every smart device justify the features they are good for, and that includes providing security as well. If you’re looking to browse through some more smart home products that would be great for domestic use, head over to First Energy’s website and get some more insight into what you can install around your home!

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