Don’t Make These Costly Cleaning Mistakes

Having a clean house is a treasure to many. Unfortunately, some people don’t get it right when it comes to cleaning their homes. Making mistakes can make your work difficult. Plus, it can bring flies into your home. Luckily, this article has been prepared to help you clean your house. Avoid making the following mistakes and let your kitchen sparkle.

Mixing Cleaners

Don’t mix different types of cleaners. Mixing bleach with ammonia or vinegar can be extremely dangerous. It can result in a hazardous chemical reaction. If you aren’t careful enough, you might end up developing skin and eye irritation.

Not Soaking the Cleaner

Most cleaning products usually have a standard soak time. This is the time the product will take to soften grime, as well as, dirt. Before using the cleaners, be sure to check the provided label. Most manufacturers recommend a period of one to two minutes.

Allowing the spray to soak will also give it enough time to kill germs, as well as, bacteria. But carpet cleaners usually take longer, Thus, be sure to carefully read the instructions on the package. 

Don’t Take All-Purpose Cleaner Literally

Not all cleaners are the same. Different cleaners are designed for different purposes. Although certain cleaners work on multiple surfaces, certain areas require special attention. For instance, if you have absorbent surfaces, you may want to consider investing in special-purpose cleaning products. Granite, marble, and wooden furnishings all require specific cleaning products. Many cleaning solutions will vary depending on the type of surface being cleaned. If you aren’t sure about which cleaning products to choose from, consider doing some research beforehand.

Don’t Tack Everything At A Go

Always be organized. Don’t tackle everything at once. Instead, create a realistic schedule. Handle bite-sized chunks ago. Trying to complete all tasks at once can be tedious and frustrating. Being organized can save you a lot of time and money. Take an organized approach and make your cleaning experience simpler and more fun.

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 Windows Cannot Be Washed in The Sunshine

Heat can make your cleaners evaporate. That’s why it’s always advisable to avoid cleaning your windows in the sunshine. Pick a day that’s quite cool and overcast. This will make your windows feel happier and look more sparkly.

Don’t Stray Disinfectant Before Cleaning

Don’t disinfect the surface before cleaning. First, make sure there are no crumbs or dirt. Remember, disinfecting sprays are designed to kill germs but they don’t usually dissolve crumbs or food particles.

So, the next time you’re disinfecting your surfaces, start by removing debris and vacuuming the place. This will make the job smoother and safer.

You Cannot Scrub in Stains

Avoid scrubbing spills. Doing this will only grind them to the surface. If someone spills some soda or tomato sauce on the table, remove it immediately and then clear up the stain with an oxygenated cleaner.

Pro Tip: Use the right multi surface cleaner for different surfaces. 

The Bottom-Line

Cleaning is a delicate process that requires meticulousness. Simple mistakes will bring flies into your home. That’s why you should avoid making the above mistakes when cleaning your home.

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