How to learn SQL step by step? What are the best sites to get help?

SQL knowledge is in high demand, but it cannot be mastered in a few days. So, here’s how to study SQL and boost your database administration profession.

 SQL is a straightforward, easy-to-learn programming language. It’s used to sift through a lot of information. Consider SQL to be a database’s equivalent of a Google search. SQL can search through your company’s data and conduct analytical comparisons, find trends in data sets, or comb through and update the database on your website. It’s pretty powerful, and if you haven’t learned it yet, you’ve come to the right spot because, in this SQL lesson, I’ll show you how to learn SQL in the best (and shortest) way possible. You can always Learn SQL Basics Online for Free. 

What exactly is SQL?

SQL is a programming language for managing and creating databases. You must first comprehend the concept of relational databases to learn SQL. A group of tables comprising rows and columns of data makes up a relational database. Each row of the table has a data value at the intersecting column. And in that table, each column represents a category of data, such as a Name, Street, or Phone.

Best way to learn SQL

SQL is a beautiful programming language as it does not require any prior software development at your beginning stage of learning. However, how can you get started with SQL when so many resources are available? If you want to try it out or have a budget issue, you can always Learn SQL Basics Online for Free.

  1. Import some information

Begin by setting up a MySQL or SQLite database. Then, to play with it, you’ll need to upload some data into the database: Download the “users”.sql file as an example. IMPORT this.sql file into your database. Now you have some information to work with!

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  1. Understand SQL Queries and Commands at a Basic Level

To learn SQL efficiently, you’ll need to do a lot of reading first, which will need to practice SQL queries and instructions. The trick is to start with simple questions to learn.

  1. Take advantage of online courses to continue learning SQL.

Exploring free, high-quality SQL resources available online is a fantastic place to start. Start with these excellent courses:

  • DataCamp offers a one-month SQL Intro to SQL for Data Science course.
  • Codecademy is a great place to learn SQL.
  • edX offers SQL classes.
  • Khan Academy’s Intro to SQL: Querying and Managing Data.

Following interactive lessons with entertaining activities, such as SQLBolt and SQL Teaching, is another beautiful way to get started. These websites offer a variety of information to help you gradually improve your SQL skills.

SQL is a handy skill for a variety of job opportunities. You could be wondering where you can learn SQL, and you’ll find the most satisfactory answer to your question right here.

Best SQL Learning Sites:

  1. The Codecademy website

Learning SQL is entirely accessible on Codecademy. This platform makes it simple to learn SQL because you can’t move on to the next task unless you’ve completed the previous one successfully. You can also check out any Learn SQL Basics Online for Free.

They will teach you how to manipulate data, write queries, use aggregate functions, and communicate with various tables in four fractions. It is an excellent option for gaining knowledge about this fascinating skill.

  1. W3schools 

W3schools is well-known for its rapid pedagogy, so you’ve probably heard of it. It is an excellent website for students who wish to learn SQL quickly. They cover each issue concisely and easy-to-understand, with multiple examples. They ensure that you know about this course soon and have no questions when you leave.

The ability to change databases is one of W3schools’ most unique features. You can use this capacity to experiment with queries and commands. Also, don’t worry about mixing everything up because you can always restore it.

  1. SQLCourse 

SQLCourse provides an online SQL Interpreter that allows you to create your tables. You can also use this device to execute various tasks, such as select, embed, erase, and drop.

Instead of simply following the models, SQLCourse is useful for constructing commands from scratch.

  1. SQLZoo 

SQLZoo is a well-known website with a unique feature of examination projects. This feature distinguishes SQLZoo from other websites, and you must solve some illustrations in this examination project. These projects have a variety of questions ranging from basic to complex. These tasks will assist you in testing your abilities.

  1. Udemy 

Udemy is the most excellent platform for video courses for students who prefer to study through videos. Udemy offers a wide range of courses. It also has database devices for all stages, such as My SQL, Oracle, and SQL Server. However, only a handful of SQL classes are free, with the remainder requiring money.

  1. Khan Academy 

The second most excellent site for learning SQL is Khan Academy. If you plan to learn programming and computer science online, this is the ideal place to go. They provide a great course called “Intro to SQL: Querying and Managing Databases” that shows your usage of SQL to store, query, and alter data.

Students who studied from Khan Academy’s courses consider it one of the best websites for learning SQL in a virtual classroom.

  1. Coursera

Coursera is the ideal option if you prefer to study through videos. It’s a well-known video course site for SQL. It is a global online learning platform that allows anyone from anywhere in the world to access online courses and degrees from renowned institutions and corporations.

  1. SQLBolt

SQLBolt is an excellent interactive website that teaches through easy and understandable examples. They’ve created a series of very engaging classes and include tasks for practice and comprehension. You will see the SQL task after each course, which will assist you in completing quick revision.

If you are a newbie, this website is ideal for you because it teaches you the fundamentals of SQL before progressing to the advanced level. They then offer tutorials that begin with basic inquiries, progress to advanced queries, and finally to perplexing questions. As a result, SQLBolt’s interactive training will undoubtedly dispel any misconceptions you may have about SQL.

You can start to Learn SQL Basics Online for Free and move on with more in-depth knowledge. 

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