How To Receive SMS Over The Internet With Virtual Numbers

We use our mobile phone numbers to sign up for various websites and apps almost every day. But sometimes there appears to be no opportunity to do this. For example, if a phone number is temporarily unavailable due to nonpayment or it seems not safe to reveal it for a specific service. It is really easy to get stuck at this point as often there is no any other option for registration. Looking for a way to solve that issue? Then just take advantage of online service for receiving SMS online with virtual phone numbers.

Supported services

Often those who are going to use virtual numbers wonder if they are suitable for registration on certain online services. This question becomes especially relevant when it comes to signing up for instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram as they both provide no other option to do that rather than by completing mobile phone number verification. However, there is absolutely no reason to worry about this regardless of the chosen platform.

Virtual phone numbers can be used to make an account on an online service of basically any type as they are not different at all from basic numbers. But it is necessary to keep one thing in mind. Every provider is able to disable receiving OTP from any websites and apps. So some of them might have specific platforms not supported. In this case, it is enough to just find another provider with bigger stock. There are plenty of them and it is not difficult to find a suitable one.

Who can use virtual numbers?

This question is also pretty popular among newcomers. Sometimes there is such an opinion as it is necessary to be someone or get special permission to be able to operate virtual phone numbers. However, none of these is true. Initially, virtual numbers were designed to make our life easier. So using them is available to every person.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or work in a large commercial company. It is enough to sign up for an appropriate website or app to take advantage of virtual phone numbers. Most often registration on platforms of that type involves providing only an email address and nothing else. This makes it possible for everyone to complete it.

How to receive SMS with a virtual phone number?

It is not difficult to perform this action. But before proceeding to SMS reception users have to get a virtual number first. There are a lot of various online services offering such an opportunity. Just don’t forget to choose carefully as it is easy to fall for a fraudulent platform. For newcomers, we would recommend using old and reliable services such as SMS-Man.

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This company has been providing virtual phone numbers for more than five years. You can access it from basically any country in the world and use its solutions to receive SMS for registration on over a thousand different websites and apps. Here is how to get a virtual number with it:

  1. Create a profile at It is free and doesn’t involve subscribing to anything.
  2. Open the recharge tab, select the convenient payment system and replenish your balance through it.
  3. Proceed to the start page. Select the required issuing country for the virtual phone number.
  4. Scroll the page to a section with supported online services and use the search feature to find one from which you are going to receive an SMS.
  5. Click the buy button that is placed opposite the service name.

This is it. You have purchased a virtual number and can use it to receive SMS from the appropriate website or app. There is nothing difficult at all about it. Such a number should be operated in the same way as a regular number. Just once the service sends a verification code to it, you should once again go to SMS-Man and press “Get SMS”. There will appear a set containing a few digits. Copy and use it to verify the account.

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