How to retain formatting and layout in Excel to PDF conversion

When converting Excel documents to PDF format, retaining the original formatting and layout of the document is essential in order to ensure that the end result looks professional and presents data in the right way. The formatting and layout of an Excel document can include anything from borders and cell colors to font size, font style and column/row arrangement. Achieving a successful Excel to PDF conversion can be challenging, as there are a number of factors to consider in order to produce a reliable PDF document. In this blog post, we will explore the different methods for retaining formatting and layout in Excel to PDF conversion, and what elements should be taken into consideration in order to ensure that the end result looks professional and presents data correctly. You  need to convert PDF to Word document so that I can edit the text and make changes to the document more easily. We will look at the various options available, and discuss their benefits and drawbacks, so that you can make the right choice for your organization.

  1. Optimize Image Resolution

One of the most important steps for ensuring that formatting and layout are retained when converting from Excel to PDF is optimizing image resolution. If images have not been properly optimized, they may look blurry in the PDF or be stretched or distorted. To optimize image resolution, make sure all images are properly sized and saved in either a JPG or PNG file format. Additionally, try to use images with a resolution of 300 DPI or higher for the best results.

  1. Use the Print function

The Print function is a great tool to use when you want to retain formatting and layout in Excel to PDF conversion. To use this function, you will need to select the “Print” option from the File menu. The Print window will appear, where you can specify the page range, paper size, and other settings. Once all the settings are configured, click the “Print” button to convert your Excel document to PDF. The output file will retain the same formatting and layout as the original Excel document.

  1. Convert to PDF/A

If you need to retain the formatting and layout of your Excel document when converting to PDF, one of the best options is to convert to PDF/A. PDF/A is a file format that is specifically designed to ensure that the content of a document remains the same over time. When you convert to PDF/A, the formatting and layout of your document will be preserved, making it easy to view the document just like it appeared in Excel. To convert to PDF/A, simply select the option when you convert to PDF in your Excel file.

  1. Use a PDF Conversion Tool

One of the best ways to retain formatting and layout when converting Excel to PDF is to use a PDF conversion tool. This is an easy and reliable way to ensure that all of your data remains exactly as it was in the Excel document. PDF conversion tools will preserve all of the information in the workbook, including formulas, fonts, colors, images, and more. Plus, you can customize the PDF to meet your particular needs, such as adding a password or watermark. With the right PDF conversion tool, you can be sure that your Excel to PDF conversion will be perfect.

  1. Embed Fonts Manually

One of the most important aspects of retaining formatting and layout in an Excel to PDF conversion is the use of fonts. Embedding fonts manually is necessary to ensure that the font is visible and readable when the PDF is viewed. This can be done by selecting the particular font in the Excel file and then selecting “Embed Fonts” from the Font Properties window. Once the font is embedded, the formatting and layout of the Excel file will be retained in the PDF conversion.

In conclusion, when converting an Excel spreadsheet to PDF, preserving formatting and layout is key to ensure data accuracy. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to retain formatting, including using the native Save As PDF option, using third-party software solutions, and using an online converter. Using any of these methods, you can easily convert an Excel file to a PDF, while retaining the original formatting.