Nova7i – Detail Review:

During the first quarter, Huawei released a slew of new devices. They finished with a series that Filipinos are familiar with: the Nova7i. Huawei’s Nova series is known for its strength and elegance. This line of devices is notable for providing flagship-level functionality at an inexpensive price.

While the Kirin 980 or 990 isn’t put in the Nova 7i, we’ve seen what’s great (and what’s not) about it. In this review, we’ll go through all of it in detail.

Nova 7i Specifications:

  • Design:

Nova 7i’s build is mostly constructed of plastics, but it has the appearance of being made of something else.

The back panel, on the other hand, is a grime magnet, so keep in mind that you’ll have to clean any markings off of it now and then.

The Huawei Nova 7i, like other latest smartphones, has a side fingerprint scanner that also serves as a sleep and up key. On top of it are volume rockers, which are the nicest and most logical spot for rapid and uniform reach, in my view.

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  • Software

At the time of posting, Huawei has not yet released the EMUI 10.1 upgrade for the Nova 7i, which is supposed to add new features to the smartphone. EMUI 10 has a lot of fantastic aspects currently, such as its beefier camera software, clean UI, and increasing number of apps in AppGallery.

From online banking to photography apps, Huawei App Gallery has everything you need. In reality, Huawei App Gallery contains 70% of the apps that I would regularly download from Google PlayStore.

  • Camera

This phone has four cameras on the back and a wide 16MP camera with an f/2.0 aperture on the front.

The photos are amazing, and I believe this is one of the top shooters accessible in this price range. The dynamic variety is excellent. Saturation and clarity are both excellent. Although the bokeh and portrait images should be better, it’s close enough to the premium zone.

Apart from the normal capabilities, this phone comes with light painting, HDR, moving picture, Super Macro, and High-Res cameras. Sadly, video capabilities are limited. Slo-Mo can only be used at a maximum of 16x, and there is no Pro Mode for video.

  • Performance

In terms of capability, you can rest assured that the Nova 7i is equipped with all of the essential components to ensure that you have a smooth gaming experience. Nevertheless, it could have done best as a midrange smartphone if Huawei had used earlier flagship chipsets like the Kirin 980.

  • Battery

With the below parameters, the 4200 battery that lasts up to 16 hours and 12 minutes in regards of battery life:

  • Decent Usage of smartphone 
  • Wifi On
  • Played 3 instances of Black Desert Mobile 
  • Use of Facebook is noted to be 1 hour 40 minutes


At its price point, the Huawei nova 7i offers the best in category in regards to photography. If there’s one aspect I’d like to mention, it’s the photographic capabilities. The video functions, on the other hand, appear to be insufficient, which I hope Huawei would explore improving in the future via fix or upgrades.

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