Planning To Buy Table Cloths for Your Restaurant? Here’s All You Need to Know before You Do the Purchase

When it comes to preparing a list of the items required to set up a restaurant, tablecloths should be given priority. Why? It may sound weird but a study made on the impact of the tablecloth on consumers’ food perception in a real-life eating situation shows that – 

  • Fabric table linen gained a higher preference for the appetizer and the meal quality in general.
  • People appreciate the ambiance and service of the restaurants that used table linens. 
  • The majority of the participants considered table linen as a crucial element while eating a meal at the restaurant.

So, the decision to buy the best-suited table linen for your eatery should not be taken lightly. Most of your customers won’t enjoy eating at a bare table. Well, these are the things you need to consider before picking up the right tablecloth linens for the tables.

Size of the tables

Before you venture out to do the purchase, take out your measuring tape and get the proper measurements of all the tables at your restaurant. You may have a combination of 2 seaters, 4 seaters, 6 seaters, or even 12 seaters. So, it becomes necessary for you to get the required dimensions of the tables along with the proper quantities needed for each type of seating arrangement. An important point to keep in mind over here is that while buying the covers you won’t be looking for a size that will fit exactly or a size that will look too big and will unnecessarily hinder the placement of the legs of the customers under the tables. An easy way to avoid this error is to sit at one of the tables, measure the distance of your leg from the tabletop, leave a small margin and add it to all four sides of the table surface’s dimension. 

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Type of Linen

A wide range of table linen is available in the market these days. Some of them are discussed here:

  • Cotton table linen: Being an extremely durable fabric, a cotton table cover is more often than not the preferred choice for most buyers. They are easily available and can be washed in machines. So maintaining them is not a hazard. As we sit down at the tables, our body parts are sure to come in contact with the linen, and repeated brushing against them can give rise to static shock. This problem can be avoided by the use of cotton table linens as cotton is a breathable fabric that does not allow the building up of static.   
  • Satin table linen: If you are aiming to give an elegant and luxurious look to your restaurant, this is the type of cover you should choose. 
  • Polyester table linen: Polyester table linens can mimic the look of cotton-made tablecloths and are budget-friendly, machine washable and durable too. Unlike cotton, they do not shrink in a dryer and are also crease resistant that saves maintenance time to a great extent. 
  • Plastic table linen: These should be the choice if you are planning to buy covers for informal eatery tables. Though you get different kinds of plastic table linens nowadays, truly speaking they do not possess that sophistication. This should be your choice if you have table arrangements for outdoor eating.


Most importantly, proceed with the purchase only after having a clear idea about the maintenance cost that you will have to bear. Also, keep the décor of the restaurant in mind before ordering the table linens for your restaurant and accordingly choose the colors.   

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