Possible Health Outcomes Associated With PFAS

It has been discovered that the level of PFAS substance in human blood can lead to harmful health effects. That’s why PFAS analysis is necessary. To help you with that many experts provide PFAS analysis in New Jersey to prevent all the possible health outcomes. Here in this blog, we will talk about the health problems that are caused by PFAS. But before jumping on that first learn what PFAS is?

PFAS has been in existence since 1950, it is a man-made chemical that has been used by various industries. Further, it is also used in consumer products like non-stick cookware, firefighting foam, water repellent clothing, etc. 

How does PFAS Get Mixed In Our Surroundings?

PFAS can easily get mixed in air, soil, and water during the use and production. The problem with PFAS is these chemicals don’t break down easily and that’s why they exist in our surroundings. Since these chemicals are used at large levels, they can easily be found in the blood of animals and people. Not just this, PFAS is also found in food products but their presence is at low levels. Some of the ways to get exposed to PFAS are listed below:

  • If you are eating food that is packed in material that has PFAS content.
  • Further, if you are eating fish that is captured from water that is contaminated by PFAS.
  • Moreover, it is found in the well and groundwater. These water bodies are exposed to PFAS.

How To Lower PFAS Level?

If you know that the water you use for drinking and cooking is contaminated or has a PFAS level higher than the specified by the authorities then it is a must to avoid the use of that water. Further, it is best to use an alternate source of water for drinking and cooking. 

If you are not sure about your water level contamination then it is a must to reach the local authorities about the same. Other than this, avoid the use of fish captured from contaminated water.

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What To Do If You Are Exposed To PFAS?

If you feel like you are exposed to PFAS then it is best to reach out to a doctor. The health practitioner will conduct a test to verify the same. The most common form of testing used for checking PFAS levels is a blood test. The medical problems associated with PFAS are liver problems, higher cholesterol, etc.

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