Should You Handle A Car Accident Case Without An Attorney?

Many situations require professional help. Such is the case with a car accident. One would not necessarily need an attorney for the car accident case. But, some instances could only deal with an attorney. However, car accident attorneys LA can help the victim deal with the matter legally and professionally. 

Irrespective of legal representation, most car accident cases are settled out of court or before going to trial. If the car accident was minor and the minimal damages, you can handle your case without hiring an attorney. This article covers both scenarios within which you would or would not need an attorney. 

Factors deciding if you should proceed without an attorney: 

  • Evidence 

A car accident claim is settled only when there is enough evidence to prove liability. If your car accident case involves taking care of evidence, it could be likely that you would need a car accident attorney in LA. However, if you have secured sufficient evidence that would prove the liability of the accident, hiring an attorney to handle the case would not be necessary. Evidence is used in court and with the insurance company. You must include every piece of evidence that seems essential. 

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  • Severity of injuries 

The insurance company will likely cover your damages and medical expenses if you have been involved in a fender bender. You would not be required to hire an attorney in such cases. Although, if your accident case left you with severe injuries and wounds, an attorney would likely be needed. 

Victims of a severe car accident case often choose to represent themselves. Such scenarios only leave the victims with declined health conditions. Also, the insurance company may try to diminish your claim if the injuries are severe. Hence, it would be better to hire an attorney when the damages are noteworthy. 

  • Calculating damages and suffering 

Before a case is settled, the victim must calculate their damages and injuries. It would become necessary since these calculations would ultimately determine the compensation amount. If you can figure out the damages and suffering, hiring an attorney would not be required. 

However, these calculations could be complex. One should perform this step with the utmost attention. An attorney may use a multiplier method to calculate your damages and suffering. It would be advisable to hire an attorney if more than one victim and severe injuries are involved. If the damages are minimal and the victims did not encounter serious injuries, you would not need to hire an attorney. 

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