St. Kitts and Nevis: Time for Second Citizenship!

Discover the possibilities of acquiring a second passport through St. Kitts and Nevis’ citizenship-by-investment program. Explore eligibility requirements, investment options, and the expedited processing offer. Our experts will guide you through the process to secure your second citizenship.

Citizenship used to be considered something inseparable from you and given to you at birth, like the color of your eyes. However, times are different: you can change even the color of your eyes with the help of lenses, citizenship can be changed, and a new one can be acquired. You can have as many passports as you want in addition to the main one (if your country allows dual citizenship, of course). People acquire a second passport for themselves or all their family members to rely on another country in case of trouble (suppose the situation in your home country changes for the worse, and you can easily relocate) or to take advantage of more rights (like visa-free entry to many countries).

Not all countries in the world offer citizenship, though, and few of them offer citizenship-by-investment programs. However, Caribbean citizenship remains one of the most popular opportunities as it is the most affordable. This post is devoted to St. Kitts and Nevis, a Caribbean state that offers the oldest existing citizenship-by-investment program (it started back in 1984!), and we would like to invite you to our portal to read more details about the Nevis passport for investment.

On our portal, you will also find specialists who will give you advice (if you are not sure that this is the right destination), help you submit the documents, and take all administrative steps. Keep in mind that you cannot apply for citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis on your own: the local authorities only work with registered agents who will handle your case. We have reliable partners on-site who will do everything for you with minimal involvement on your part. Book a session with our expert today to find out more!

Eligibility Requirements

Naturally enough, the program is not available for everyone. Here are some limitations that people in most cases comply with:

  • The main applicant cannot be younger than 18 years of age
  • There is no history of convictions or unresolved criminal cases
  • The results of the mandatory due diligence check must be positive
  • You should provide proof of the legal origin of funds you are going to invest in the citizenship
  • Finally, you are required to obtain a medical certificate to confirm the good state of your health

The main applicant can add the following relatives to the application:

  • Spouse
  • Children (no older than 30, with proof of financial dependence on the main applicant)
  • Parents (aged at least 55 who are financially dependent on the main applicant)

How Much Do You Have to Invest?

There are two options available to those seeking the citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis:

  • Non-refundable investment. You will need to invest 150,000 US dollars in the local Sustainability Growth Fund to support the local economy and infrastructure.
  • Refundable investment. In this case, you invest in real estate approved by the local government. If you buy a facility at 200,000 US dollars, you are supposed to hold it for 7 years before you can resell it (if you want to, of course). And if you invest 400,000 US dollars, the property can be resold within 5 years.

This is the amount applicable to the main applicant only.

If you add a spouse to the application, you will need to additionally invest 25,000 US dollars.

Each extra dependent will cost 10,000 US dollars.

Special discount currently available!

The government of St. Kitts and Nevis has launched a special offer valid until January 31, 2024: you can invest 125,000 US dollars (instead of 150,000 US dollars) in the Sustainability Growth Fund. Such discounts are not very frequent, so if you are interested in this citizenship-by-investment program, hurry up!

There are also applicable fees, like processing fees and due diligence fees. You can click the above link to visit our portal and see the detailed amounts.

How Long Does It Take?

  • You will need 1 day to sign a contract for legal (consulting) services with us.
  • You will need about 1 week to collect all the required documents.
  • The application will then be considered by the local authorities (including due diligence checks), which will take up to six months. You can order an expedited consideration for a fee, and in this case, it will not take more than 60 days. The good news is that the special offer mentioned above (USD 125,000 donation to the Fund) includes the expedited processing fee!
  • As soon as the decision on your application has been made, a passport will be issued on the basis of a naturalization certificate, which will take about 1 week.

Some of our customers want to visit St. Kitts and Nevis to see the real estate they are going to buy (otherwise, we can provide a virtual tour). In this case, you will need to schedule a visit to make sure our partner is available to show the property to you.

Obtaining a Second Passport: Procedure

Follow this step-by-step procedure and recommendations to successfully get your second citizenship:

  • Note that you will have to provide your fingerprints that the authorities of St. Kitts and Nevis need to transfer to international organizations for a thorough check.
  • The program has its limitations. For example, the citizens of Afghanistan, the Syrian Arab Republic, and Iran cannot obtain the passport of St. Kitts and Nevis, and it is undesirable to have them among the dependents as your application has every chance of being turned down.
  • Contact us using the above link and provide the information on the current citizenship of all application members, their age and status, the investment option you would like to use (the non-refundable contribution or real estate), and the desirable term of obtaining citizenship (expedited or not). This is the information we need to provide well-thought-out feedback to you.
  • Prepare the package of documents in compliance with our recommendations.
  • Take patience and track the progress of your application using an electronic system.


Do you have any questions that remained unanswered in the article? Do not hesitate to follow the link above and contact our experts – it’s free! Each situation is unique and requires special consideration, and we will be happy to add more safety and opportunities to your life!