The Misconceptions Revolving Around Hoa Board In Phoenix

The progress and growth of HOA communities in Phoenix is in the hands of the members. Any mistake can result in affecting the reputation of the association. The errors can be avoided by understanding if your actions are in accordance with the bylaws of HOA. You need to make sure that the mutual understanding between HOA members and the homeowners is well-maintained.

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Mistakes to avoid

  • Firstly, read the rules and regulations of the HOA board. You need to get familiarized with the printed matters of the Government documents. This is because if you don’t understand the rules then you can’t implement them properly.
  • Many times, the rules aren’t followed, which may lead to complicated situations.
  • You can put forward your opinions before the board however, you can’t take individual decisions. This is because disunity isn’t favorable for the HOA board and the resentment won’t be a proper way to maintain a healthy relationship between the board members.
  • Open communication is the tool to maintain harmony in any association. The home owners should be given a chance to state their opinions in the meetings. It is better to communicate with the homeowners, explain the rules clearly and provide the updates promptly and meetings should be conducted peacefully.
  • File the tax returns on time, fulfil the work of HOA without fail and do not be careless while collecting the fee from house owners.
  • Before taking any kind of work like signing a new document, it is always beneficial to take legal advice.

 There are many misconceptions about HOA in Phoenix

  • HOA is only interested in making money – Funds are required to maintain the appearance of the housing community and of the functional aspect of the establishments. The collected funds are used mainly for the services provided to the house owner’s comfortable living. The budget is made considering all the aspects of expenditure.
  • People believe that HOA support increases in property value – This doesn’t happen for all properties. The value of the property depends upon the appearance, well-maintained infrastructure, amenities and added facilities provided by the housing community. All HOA communities may not promote such features thus high chances of the property value start to decline.
  • HOA board members won’t take any legal action if payments are overdue- The HOA Board would take legal action if a home owner isn’t willing to pay as per the bylaw.

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