The Ultimate Beach Holiday Checklist

You have waited for this for a long time and finally, you are ready to book your 2023 beach holiday in the sun. The pandemic put an end to foreign holidays for a couple of years, but now that is out of the way, we can all look forward to a great holiday in 2023.

Here is our checklist to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

  • Health & travel insurance – Essential for any foreign holiday, you can take out suitable cover with an online provider. This should include personal possessions, in case you lose your iPhone.
  • Visas – This is one of the first things to do and thanks to the Internet, we can obtain the relevant visa from the embassy of the destination country.
  • Booked accommodation – If you are staying at a luxury Phuket resort, make sure you have a booking; walk-in bookings are rare these days and you’ll find the best deals online. We recommend staying beachside, as you can enjoy the cool breeze; Google can help you find the perfect resort, then you can start researching your destination, planning day trips and booking tours.
  • Sun protection – This is a must; the risks of sunburn are high when you are fair-skinned and come from a winter climate to the tropical sun. Polarised sunglasses with a high UV rating are essential for the beach. Have at least one tube of sunscreen and apply before exposure to the sun. If you would like to try out a Zorb ball, click here.
  • Photos of passport photo page & visa – Take photos of your passport photo page and the current visa you received; should you lose your passport or an official wishes to see your visa, you have hi-res images. It is always best to be prepared and for the little time it takes, this is a good hack.
  • Device charging – A seasoned traveller would have a universal power adapter, which allows you to charge your digital devices wherever you happen to be. Google can take you to a supplier and this is one piece of kit you’ll be happy you have.
  • Motion sickness pills – Let’s face it, you are bound to explore the islands and seasickness can ruin the experience. If you are on meds, make sure you have an adequate supply, it can be difficult to obtain some medications in a foreign country.
  • Mosquito solution – Some people prefer the cream, others the spray and some like to wear an anti-mosquito wristband; whatever you choose, make sure you use it, especially in the early mornings and late afternoon. Dengue fever is transmitted by these nasty blood-sucking insects, so do protect yourself.
  • Snorkelling gear – If you have a decent mask and some flippers, pack them. These products are very expensive in beach retail outlets, so make space for these items.

Don’t forget to check with entry requirements for your destination country; covid restrictions are still in effect in some countries. We hope that you have a great time and your holiday is one to remember forever.