The Ultimate King Bed Guide: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

Different types of king beds

Whether your bedroom is large or small, king beds are an excellent choice. You can enjoy the comfort of a king-size bed with ample width without having to worry about your partner’s position. However, you must take into account the side room when choosing a king-sized bed with storage. You may choose a king-sized divan bed with drawers or a lift-assisted ottoman bed. Different type of king beds can be divided into California kings and regular sized slatted platforms. California kings are generally wider than standard kings. Split kings have a smaller valley in the middle, which minimizes motion transfer and allows you to move the bed easily. However, you may need special bedding for these beds. It is recommended to purchase a California king bed only if you are tall. King mattresses typically weigh from 130 to 180 pounds. 

What to look for before buying a king size beds?

  1. There are many things to look for before purchasing a king size bed. The largest mattress option is king size, which offers the most room for movement. Before purchasing a king mattress, make sure to know the following tips. King size mattresses are the most luxurious and comfortable mattresses to buy. If you are looking to upgrade your current mattress and bed frame, a king size mattress is the best choice.
  2. When it comes to size, a king size bed offers more real estate. It is the perfect option for couples with plenty of room, or even a single person looking for a more intimate sleeping space. The extra eight inches of space is ideal for couples and even the youngest member of the family. 
  3. King size beds tend to be more expensive than standard beds, so customers should make sure they can afford a comfortable mattress, a sturdy bed frame, and a comfy set of King-sized sheets.
  4. Taking measurements is essential before purchasing a king size bed. When it comes to measuring the bed for the mattress, be sure to take into consideration how wide and long it will be once it is in place.
  5. A king size mattress requires approximately nine feet by twelve feet of floor space, but this is not always the case. If you do not have this much space, you can choose a queen-sized bed or a California king.

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How to set up your new king bed?

When you buy a king bed, you’re greeted by a big canvas, but don’t know how to decorate it. This piece of furniture can be overwhelming, so it’s best to start small and choose a color scheme that will work with your existing decor. Most king beds will include a neutral color and one or two accent colors. The best place to start is with a duvet cover – you can pick up colors from the pattern and pair them with neutrals. 

A king-size mattress is ideal for a couple’s bedroom because it offers ample room to stretch out and move around. However, if you live in a small space, you may need a larger bedroom. 

Clean and care for your king bed

  1. To get rid of stains on your king-size bed, use oxygenated bleach instead of chlorine. This will remove stains on light-colored fabrics. Make sure to check your sheets before you put them in the dryer. If any stains are present, do not allow them to dry; instead, treat them and wash again. To avoid stains, always have two sets of sheets ready at all times. Rotate them regularly.
  2. Bedding is another important part of your king-sized bed. Bedding, including sheets, pillowcases, and other accessories you use at night, should be cleaned frequently. These are important because they collect dust, dirt, dead skin cells, body oils, and pet dander, so they should be changed frequently. Make sure not to leave the same sheets on your bed for more than two weeks. This will keep your bed looking good and smell fresh.
  3. You can even get creative with the design of your duvet cover by using different fabrics for different parts of the bedding set, goose down duvets are a great way to save money while still having a comfortable, soft sleeping experience. They’re also environmentally friendly and come in a wide range of colors and patterns so that you can create your perfect room.
  4. You can use solvents to clean upholstered surfaces. You can buy commercial dry cleaning solvents at home improvement stores, but make sure to check the labels first. You can also try rubbing alcohol, which will remove mold, mildew, and ink stains. Follow the instructions for cleaning and care for your king bed. Just remember that cleaning your bed is never an excuse to skip it. Keep your precious bedding in good condition and stay healthy.

What are the benefits of a king size beds?

Besides providing extra space for two people, king size beds have other advantages. They offer more room for cuddling, which is perfect if you have kids or a pet. The extra space also reduces pressure points on the bones, so they’re great for those who have health problems. A precise night’s sleep is very vital for your typical health. Therefore, a quality bed is an essential piece of furniture. 

When purchasing a bed, you have to pay close attention to its features and level of comfort. Your bed should make you feel relaxed and recharged. If you are looking for king size mattresses, then our suggestion would be to look for super king mattresses as well. King and super king mattresses have their own advantages so checkout which one suits you. 

Sleeping is as important as being fit and healthy. Moreover, king size beds are designed to fit any room design. Whether you want a classic or modern look, you can find the perfect one for your home. A king size bed is typically 76 inches long, This size gives each person 38 inches of space to stretch out. If you’re tall, a 76″ mattress would give you 8 inches more room to move around. 


If you’re buying a king-size bed for your master bedroom, you should know that choosing the correct size is easy, but the rest of the process can be a little more challenging. Besides size, you’ll also need to decide on color, material, and style, as well as whether you want a box spring. 

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