This way your company is more visible

Being visible and thus getting more brand awareness is on the to-do list of many entrepreneurs. However, many entrepreneurs do not know how they can be more visible or find it scary to increase their visibility. Therefore, we share seven accessible ways to get this done!

Write a blog

Writing a blog immediately increases your visibility. A blog is an ideal means to share your knowledge, and thus claim that expert status. Share your blog especially on your social media channels for maximum exposure. You can share a blog multiple times on social media, on multiple channels. Focus on a different tip each time in the caption and you are seven social media posts further. This means seven exposures with the same blog. Do not do this in one week, spread the posts over a longer period. Otherwise you will bore people.

Post more often on social media

You can also share other things than your blogs on social media. Think of photos of your workplace, a fun meeting or an event you attended. Take your followers ‘behind the scenes’ with Instagram Stories. Share your best photos on your feed. Depending on your target audience of course, because Instagram is not for everyone. So check carefully on which channels your target group is most active. LinkedIn? YouTube? Or Facebook? People nowadays use these channels as search engines, so also old content on these media continues to be found well. Useful to stay top of mind without having to post something new every time.

Approach the media

Being visible on your own channels is a good start. You can start today, decide for yourself what you post and you are not dependent on others. The downside, however, is that it is less powerful to ‘promote’ your own business than it is for others to do so for you. That is where ‘earned’ media comes in. Publicity that you have to earn! But how do you get into the newspaper or get interviewed by a nice (online) magazine? Pitching is the magic word. Find the right contacts in relevant media and approach them with an e-mail. Explain what you can offer the target group. Can you give them any tips? Do you have a special story to tell? Or can you give a special view on a current event? Telling about your company is not enough.

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Make your own merchandise

If you want to be seen as a company, making your own clothes is a good option. At a printing company, you can print anything you want, from truckercaps to hoodies. The more people wear your clothing, the more visible your brand becomes.


For ourselves and our customers, we increase our visibility mainly online. But do not forget offline. Also in the ‘real world’ there are many opportunities to show yourself. Take a standard event or networking drinks. You’ll be amazed how many people introduce themselves without mentioning the name of their company. Even though it is a business occasion! So always introduce yourself – preferably with a card. Every time you can mention your name is one. Raising your hand at an event is always a good idea. You immediately have the attention of the entire audience. Forget your fears for a moment and get out there!

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