Three SEO Trends

In the world of search engine optimization articles, or SEO articles, things are constantly evolving, but the core principles have stayed the same. However, with the ever-growing technology, it is always good to keep up with the current trends to update one’s strategy to keep their keywords trending.

Keyword Clustering

The foundation of SEO is the keyword. Without it, there would be significantly less traffic to a website. Recently, Google’s natural language processing technology has become more advanced. Because of this creating an effective keyword has become a more complicated process. 

Keyword clustering is a more progressive strategy that will aid in leveling up the ranking of that specific keyword. It works by identifying multiple keywords that are similar in their search intentions, and then web pages are created to mark those clusters.

Usage of “People Also Ask”

Recently, it has been shown that almost half of searches on Google use the “People also ask” feature. Because this is becoming more prominent on the search engine results page, or SERP, many aim to get their content ranking higher.

To get one’s content ranking higher, one needs to look at the SERPs, find an SEO consulting company, or use a keyword research tool. This will aid in identifying long-tail question keywords throughout the aimed audience. Ultimately, this is a great way to achieve greater visibility and find their content at the top of the SERPs.

Core Principles of SEO

Despite all the technological updates to Google’s algorithm, the foundational principles have remained. Therefore, if one wants to publish a successful SEO article, one must still follow the basics.

An SEO article still needs first to have quality content consistently. Content should be current, accurate, and original, with keywords relatable to the preferred audience. Meta titles and descriptions, along with images, header tags, and the body of the article, should constantly be optimized so that Google can understand the content better.

There should also be a strong focus on creating great quality backlinks from different websites, such as content marketing, public relations, and guest blogging. Another thing to always remember is to focus on the technical aspects, such as making a highly responsive web page that is appropriately indexed. 

Keeping up with the different trends for search engine optimization articles can be intimidating, and difficult to change up one’s strategy. But, in the end, learning the ever-changing trends and switching things up will ultimately get one’s content more views.