Tips To Choose The Quality Bedding For Your Sleep

No one doubts that good sleep is the key to good health, productivity, and a good mood even though there is a sound machine that helps you to get natural sleep. And a healthy sleep for each family member is possible only if you know how to choose bed linen.

The Negative Impact Of Artificial Fabrics On Health

When we sleep, our body and central nervous system are regenerated so that a person wakes up in the morning energetic and in a great mood. And for this, not only fresh air is important, but also the quality of sleeping clothes and bedding sets.

It is essential that the skin, while we sleep, can “breathe,” This requires good air exchange, which artificial fabrics cannot provide.

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Choice Of Quality Fabric For Bedding

The type of fabric used to determine how it will affect sleep and the strength and durability of bedding.

The fabric quality depends on the dye. If low-quality dyes and fixatives were used in the production, such bedding accessories could harm health and quickly lose their presentable appearance.

To determine how good the dye was used, you can smell it. If a sharp, unpleasant odor emanates from the material, then the dye is of poor quality.

Types of Fabrics

Consider the main materials from which bed linen is sewn. It is easier to choose bedroom accessories that meet the requirements and expectations with this information.


Jacquard is a beautiful and quite expensive material; elite sets of bedroom accessories are made from it. The fabric is made from mixed threads of cotton and viscose, often made only from cotton threads.

Jacquard linen regulates heat transfer and perfectly absorbs moisture, so it is not hot to sleep on such linen even in the warm season. Likewise, it is not cold in winter, and this is because the jacquard normalizes the temperature. 

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Bamboo sheets are considered the safest and healthiest due to the unique properties of this plant. It is noteworthy that even after many washes, bamboo fiber retains its antibacterial properties and beneficial effects on the body.

Bamboo sheets quickly absorb moisture and pass air well, so it is not hot to sleep on such a sleeping set in summer, and it warms well in winter, conscious of the feeling of a comfortable and cozy cocoon.

To the touch, the material is smooth, pleasant, and somewhat reminiscent of silk, both tactilely and externally. 


This fabric is made mainly from double-woven cotton threads. But there are varieties of satin made of silk and synthetic threads.

The satin material is smooth, silky, and has a shiny face. The wrong side has a slight roughness, which prevents the bed linen from clumping and sliding off the mattress when a person is resting.

Selection Tips

To purchase a high-quality and durable bedding set, it is not enough to examine the packaging, look at it in the light and smell it. You also need to pay attention to:

  1. The size. It is important in choosing to bed. Therefore, before you go for a new set, find out the exact dimensions of the mattress, pillows, and blanket. 
  2. Sewing. Carefully inspect the products. These must sew them from a single piece of fabric.
  3. Examine the seams, edges, and joints. Sleeping accessories should have even linen seams that do not unravel after the first wash.

It is important to choose the right bedding for your sleep. We hope that by following these tips, you will be able to find the best quality bedding for a good night’s sleep. 

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