Top TV Brands: All you Need to Know

Which brand of TV is the best? It can be difficult to pick the very best Top TV Brands out of all the big players, from market leader Samsung to the following market leaders LG and TCL. We’ll run you through the Top TV Brands in India and speak to their offerings, from panel and format technologies to other humdrum details like pricing and smart features.

Top selling tv brands in India: A List

  • Samsung 

You probably already know Samsung for its TVs and other technology products, given its position as the world’s most popular TV brand. A major reason for the brand’s popularity is the wide range of products from different price points that it offers, with a higher level of quality than more budget-friendly brands. With a wide range of mid-priced 4K TV models available each year, Samsung is also a big supporter of LED/LCD TVs. Bixby, Samsung’s own voice assistant, is the only voice assistant used by TV manufacturers. As a result, you’re likely to find that it is already installed on the top TV brands to let you navigate Samsung’s Tizen interface with voice recognition.

  •  LG

LG is responsible for OLED televisions that have caught your attention. In recent years, OLED has witnessed a resurgence after years of decreasing interest in the technology. Is LG making the best OLEDs? Probably. In our best OLED TVs guide, the LG CX OLED was at the top for a while until the company’s 2021 line added 83-inch and 42-inch sizes, which provide a better match with consumers’ budgets, sizes, and needs. LG C1 OLED reclaims the top spot in our guide to the Top TV Brands, as well as the second spot among our top picks for OLED displays. 

  • Hisense 

You will hear a lot about Hisense if you are shopping for a discount TV. The Top TV Brands of tomorrow will be more affordable for hordes of people with the budget TV brand, which offers premium technologies like 4K and HDR at a decent price cut. Nevertheless, Hisense TVs are powerful and of outstanding value, while the company has also released some ultrathin Sonic One TVs and a Tri-Color Laser TV / projector hybrid. The Hisense A9G OLED TV has also recently been released, which offers a less expensive and more capable screen than its predecessor (the O8B OLED). You can buy Hisense TV online at affordable prices.

  • TCL

TCL? Are you familiar with it? The Chinese electronics manufacturer has gained about 10% of the global TV market over the last few years, and their scale is only second to Samsung and LG. In the US, TCL’s 5-Series and 6-Series TVs tend to be among the best you can get on a budget, especially when you consider many of its sets include top smart TV brands. You may see a decrease in processing and picture quality, but not nearly as much as you may expect – and you can’t complain much for what you get at this price point.

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  • Sony 

Sony produces some truly stunning TVs, including the A9G OLED, which combines stunning design with incredible picture quality. Sony Music, naturally, is known for its involvement with music – and these sets are no exception. Acousti Surface Audio+ is a proprietary technology that uses strategically placed drivers to generate sound from the TV panel itself rather than down, up, or around the set. Compared to the lack of a comparable 4K OLED flagship the year before, Sony is best among smart TV top brands in 2021, with boosted brightness and a slick Google TV interface, putting it above the competition.

  •  Panasonic 

Want to buy a Panasonic TV? HZ2000, a Japanese TV company that does not sell commercial TVs in North America or Australia, nevertheless distributes its televisions in high contrast in North America and Australia, making it a perfect monitor for Hollywood colorists. It’s so good that it’s currently positioned at the top of our list of the best TVs of 2021 – a testament to Panasonic’s cinematic displays and its powerful HCX Pro Intelligent processor. The top TVs aren’t everything. In terms of great quality on a budget, the Panasonic HX800 is currently our top recommendation. 

We hope that the blog was helpful to you in learning about the above best tv brands list. With the best tv brands at your fingertips, you can choose one that suits your needs and requirements. Do you have any questions? Buy tv online today!

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