Transition Lenses: Dual Purpose Glasses And Sunglasses

Are you aware of the transitios lenses? Do you wear transition lenses? What are the pros and cons of transition lenses? Let us discuss transition lenses.

Well, transition lenses have been very useful for people. It works both as glasses and sunglasses and protects the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. It can change automatically according to the light condition. The more light it experiences, the darker it becomes to protect the eyes, and the less light it experiences, it acts as eyeglasses in those situations. Hence this feature of the glasses is amazing as it helps people from carrying two pairs of glasses and one can carry only one pair of glasses. The person will not have the tension of losing a pair of glasses while carrying them inside the bag.

Transition lenses are dual-purpose lenses that act both as glasses and sunglasses and help people in various ways. There is a different percentage of transition lenses that help people to get adjusted to the glasses easily without any problems. 

Transition glasses are available in various shapes and sizes. One can choose any frame according to their comfort and get transition lenses in them. This also helps them to style according to their choice and wear them. Transition lenses can be paired with any outfit and look amazing.

Let us now discuss the pros and cons of transition glasses.

Pros of Transition Glasses

  • Transition glasses can change the colour of the lenses according to the light condition. One does not have to carry two pairs of glasses and can reduce the burden of carrying extra glasses.
  • Since the glasses change colours automatically, they can protect the eyes automatically according to the light condition. The different coatings in the glasses also provide an extra layer of protection so that our eyes stay safe and protected. There are various shades of transition glasses and one can wear the one that is suitable according to the comfort of the person.
  • Transition glasses are suitable for almost everyone. But it is always better to consult a doctor before buying them. The one wearing prescription glasses can also wear transition glasses and will not have to change the glasses with or without a prescription.

The above were some of the pros of transition glasses. The glasses help us in various ways. But as we say that if there are pros to something, there are cons to them too. Let us now see the cons of the transition lenses.

Cons of Transition Lenses

  • If a person who is driving the car wears transition glasses, it becomes very difficult for the person to drive because the lenses change automatically and the person might get confused and distracted during the activity.
  • It takes more time than normal glasses to adjust and get accustomed to these glasses. This is because of the change of the colour shades that happens automatically.
  • Sometimes the colour change is not needed as our eyes are light-adaptive and can adjust to the basic light condition. We should let our eyes adjust to every situation so that it does not become any problem in the later part.
  • One should always consult a doctor before buying glasses. This is because in many cases doctors do not recommend the person wear transition glasses as it might harm their eyes and can cause eye problems. Thus it is better to take precautions and stay safe as the eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of our body.

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