What Are The Different Types Of Cyber Attacks

Every year, cybercrime rises dramatically as attackers become more efficient and sophisticated. Cyber assaults may occur for a variety of causes and in a variety of formats. 

What is the definition of a cyber-attack?

Cyber attacks are considered to be the biggest fear of the organisation. A single glitch in your system can lead to huge data loss. Once you learn how to keep your system free from these attacks only then you can learn to keep your customers satisfied and at a peace of mind. For understanding the protection you need to know how many types of cyber attacks are there and how can they affect your business. Let us move on and understand the concept in a better manner. 

Of course, insiders are to blame for a significant amount of security vulnerabilities, whether through ignorance or malice. Let’s pretend for the sake of argument that a cyber-attack is carried out by someone who is not, or was not, a member of your organisation. The following are the many types of cyber-attacks that one should be aware of:

There are different types of cyber attacks.

While an attacker can access an IT system in a variety of methods, the majority of cyber-attacks use the same strategies. Some of the most popular forms of cyber-attacks are listed here.

  1. Viruses and malware

Malware is a type of computer software that may be used to do a variety of damaging tasks. Some malware strains are meant to get persistent network access, while others are designed to spy on the user in order to obtain passwords or other relevant information, and yet others are just designed to create havoc.

  1. Phishing

These types of attacks occur when the hacker plans to hit the big data of your organisation. pool of hackers attack and hit the back bone of your company and leak all the private data. Phishing attempts frequently take the shape of an email purporting to be from a reputable institution, such as your bank, the IRS, or another reliable source. Phishing is the most prevalent type of cyber-attack, owing to its ease of execution and unexpected effectiveness.

  1. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) assault

A DDoS assault occurs when an attacker floods a target server with traffic in the hopes of disrupting, if not completely shutting it down. Unlike classic denial-of-service assaults, which are detectable and respondable by most modern firewalls, a DDoS attack can use numerous hacked devices to flood the target with traffic.

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  1. Injection of SQL

SQL injection is a sort of attack that targets SQL databases alone. SQL statements are used to query data in SQL databases, and these statements are commonly executed using an HTML form on a webpage. 


Understanding the offensive is essential to mounting a strong defence. As you can see, attackers have a variety of techniques for gaining unauthorised access to critical infrastructure and sensitive data. This includes a lot of things like handling the malware and a lot of other phishing attacks.

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