What Are The Types Of Compensation In A Car Accident

Apart from the physical pain and mental turmoil, the other tension that might be hunting you is how you will pay the expenses that the accident has imposed on you. It is a civil society you live in, and some ways will help you get compensation to recover all the expenses you have covered. A car accident lawyer will help you compensate by filing a lawsuit. If you want to know about the types of compensation, click here

Economic Compensation 

What is economic compensation?

Economic compensation is the monetary loss that the victim has made after the car accident. After the accident, the lawyer will calculate the amount you have paid for the medical expenses. Starting from the ambulance charges, doctors’ fees, diagnosis, surgical, and medical costs are the huge parameters that contribute to the economic compensation. 

Economic compensation also includes property damage. It is very obvious that your vehicle will suffer damages after being involved in an accident. Furthermore, the damages like wages, job loss, and other out-of-pocket expenses are part of economic damages. 

Non-Economic Damages 

These damages are based on factors like mental and emotional suffering. After a car accident, there are all possibilities that the victim might be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. Further, some people lose the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 

There are no proper changes for this pain and suffering post-accident. Thus, the lawyer comes to action and calculates compensation to help the victim treat their mental imbalance or try to make things back to normal. These damages are called non-economic damages. 

Do Insurance Companies Cover All The Claims?

When you are buying a policy, the insurance company might promise you stars and the moon. But when the time comes to pay the compensation, you will realize that it is rather a taxing job to squeeze money from these money giants. 

Hence, it is advised that you hire a car accident attorney who can help you get compensation from the insurers. 


An accident and all its liabilities might make you think it is the end of the world. But you do not have to worry when you have a competent lawyer by your side. They are well versed and will help in calculating the compensation and will fight hard to get you justice.