What Is A Bong Ash Catcher

Bong Ash Catcher

A bong ash catcher is a device that you use along with bongs and water pipes. It is made to catch resin and ash that can build up when you are smoking. It makes it easier to smoke and helps to keep your pipe cleaner. 

These ash catchers come in many different sizes and shapes for you to choose from. You need to find one that matches your bong so that it fits correctly. It can also add some flair to your bong as well as being functional. One type that you can get is Freeze Pipe ash catchers to bring some extra beauty to your bong. This is only one type of ash catcher that you can buy.

This article will give you some information about bong ash catchers and how they are used. You can do some research to find out more about these items. This article will only be able to tell you a little information that you need to know. 

How Does an Ash Catcher Work?

An ash catcher works with two joints – one is for your bowl and the other one is to connect with your bong. There is an upwards pointing joint that is inserted into an attachment that is on the top of the water pipe. There is a downwards pointing joint that go in between the stems.

There is a precooler that helps cool down smoke before it can go inside so that there are not hot ashes that can fall all over. These precoolers also act a little like a cooling system that helps keep things at maximum combustion by isolating the chambers that are not being used and lets the others be used while smoking: https://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/lifestyle/difference-ash-catchers-pre-coolers/. This site explains a little about the ash catcher and the precooler. 

The ash catcher works as a filter that will provide a cleaner hit by getting the debris from your smoke before it goes through the joint that connects. This helps to keep your bong cleaner, as well. This makes upkeep easier for you and allows your bong to be used sooner. 

Reasons to Use an Ash Catcher

  • You will spend more time smoking and less time cleaning your bong. There are many bongs that are too large to clean, but the ash catcher makes this easier. It is easier to soak and clean the ash catcher than it is to clean the whole bong.
  • You can rejuvenate your old bongs without having to buy new ones. You will not want to replace your favorite old bongs and you will not have to with an ash catcher. This will increase your enjoyment with your favorite bongs. 
  • Using a bong is mostly about experimenting – you can use an ash catcher as a way to try out more percolators. You can add diffusion to your bongs that will make it easier to clean. You can switch up your hits by adding some diffusion to see how it helps the taste.
  • Adding an ash catcher can help you to have longer sessions that are uninterrupted. This can increase your enjoyment so that you can enjoy your bong longer. You will want to add an ash catcher for this reason alone. 
  • An ash catcher will lead to people admiring your bong because of its unusual style. You can make your bong look more attractive and interesting. This will get people talking about you and your bong in a good way.

How to Choose an Ash Catcher

You will need to make sure that the ash catcher fits your bong at the downstream of your bong. This makes joint size important for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that it needs to be large enough so that your bong and the ash catcher fit together properly because you do not want it to block any airflow through the system. The second reason is that you do not want them to fit too loose or too tight because that could cause other problems with your bong. 

You also need to know a little about the joints, so here is a little information:

Joint Diameter – You will need to know the size of your downstem so that you can make sure that the joint fits. The most common size is 14mm, but it can be anywhere between 10mm to 18mm. If you get the sizes correct you can connect the ash catcher without any issues.

Joint Angle – For a secure fit, you will need to make sure that the angle of the joint will fit the ash catcher. You will need the angle to be at either 45 degrees or 90 degrees so that it can catch any ashes or leftover smoke and not spill out. 

Joint Gender – You can have different joint types in your bong – both male and female joints. If your downstem has male joints, you will want to make sure that your ash catcher has a female joint. And of course, if your downstem has female joints, your ash catcher will need male joints. 

This is just a little information about bong and ash catcher joints. You can also learn more about bong joints at this site. It has a lot of information for you. 

The Right Percolator or Diffuser

You might want to choose an ash catcher that has a built-in percolator. There are a few that are built in. You can have the tree percolators that are shaped like the branches of a tree. Another type is a showerhead or inline style that allows water to flow at different angles. This allows more diffusion than if it were just flat on its side. These types can also be used with other pipes for a different experience. The last type of percolator is a honeycomb style that has open cells that are parallel down the sides and allows lots of space between so that the smokey bubbles out without being stopped by the walls.


An ash catcher can be a great addition to your bong. It can increase your enjoyment of your experience with your bong. It is easier to clean than your bong and helps to keep your bong cleaner, as well. You can also add different percolators to increase your enjoyment.