What is a Power Converter Course?

The course examines power processing electronic circuits such as rectifiers, frequency converters, and DC-DC, along with presenting the fundamentals of power semiconductor devices like SCRs, power BJTs, IGBTs, MOSFET converters, and inverters. These power circuits’ analyses, waveforms, and control strategies are all discussed in depth. Finally, examples of everyday uses for power electronic technology, such as battery chargers, motor drives, and power supplies, are given in the generation and transmission sectors.

By enrolling in online engineering courses, you can improve your job-related skills & advance your profession in Power Converter Course in India. The projects finished due to the electrical design courses offered by Skill-online Lync will increase the concept’s scope of application and open up new avenues for investigation. Technical support helps candidates learn more easily and comfortably.

You will learn how power transducers convert electrical energy into the form that consumer loads can use. Realistic career development strategies are incorporated into the course content to help students strengthen their electrical engineering skills. You can use the skills to design and build modern converters with cutting-edge controls and develop effective power converters by applying the design and analytical information you learned via the projects.

Power Converter Courses In Chennai

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The Power Converter Courses master’s programme to enhance the candidates’ knowledge of power converters, the online education company Skill Lync is offering a twelve-month Power Converter Courses In Chennai. Power converters are used to transfer electrical energy from one form to another. Throughout this course, power converters are examined in-depth.

Six courses & four projects focusing on design & analysis make up this master’s programme. The students will be able to advance their electrical engineering abilities for job growth thanks to the theoretical and practical information they will have received during this training programme.

The comprehensive learning process includes hands-on techniques to help students gain a firm knowledge of the ideas that may be used to design and build contemporary converters with cutting-edge controls. Engineers will be able to construct effective power converters with the help of the design & analysis experience acquired through the projects thanks to the master’s programme in power converter design & analysis course.

The online certification programme for the Master’s Program in Power Converter Design & Analysis assists candidates in developing their engineering and designing abilities to create power converters, as well as their knowledge of MATLAB, electronics, and physics principles related to electrical engineering. The students will understand the following by the end of this course:- 

  • Simulink, a programme used by mechanical & electrical engineers, was employed in the graphical tool.
  • MATLAB and simulation are used in the power converter simulation and design process.
  • Altium is a design tool and software for high-tech printed circuit boards (PCBs).
  • The ideas of harmonics, AC-DC rectifiers, and related standards
  • The fundamental ideas of DC-DC converters.
  • Standards and design methodologies for power electronic converters for industrial use.

Power Converter Courses In Delhi

Your understanding of AC-DC converters, rectifiers, & inverters is expanded through the Power Converter Courses In Delhi offered by Skill-Lync. With this thorough course, you’ll discover what MATLAB is & how you can simulate any power electronics equipment in MATLAB/Simulink.

You will better understand simulation models for isolated and non-isolated AC/DC converter circuits after doing these Power Converter Courses In Delhi. Additionally, you will learn how to use Tina and LTSpice to simulate power converter circuits in SPICE. Taking the MATLAB & Simulink course offered by Skill-Lync in Delhi would enhance your practical understanding of these technologies.

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