What is search engine optimization? 

In a broad sense, a citation is an act of referencing a thing (a product in a store, information, a document), i.e. mentioning it in the system. On the Internet, the term reference has been used to define the act of registering a site on a search engine or directory. Internet references are not limited to websites or web pages. You can also reference images, documents (.doc, .pdf, .rar..), videos, products, places or applications. 

References must go through an indexing phase during which the database is created. So the reference also defines the operation of registering something in the database so that the latter can be found/consulted.

What are the different types of SEO?

On the Internet, there are two different types of citations. So-called paid or sponsored referrals (SEA) and so-called natural or organic referrals (SEO). The two practices do not meet the same rules or the same needs.

A website’s SEO service strategy can be done based on SEO organic citations alone, or a combination of the two when necessary. On the other hand, a reference strategy that only intervenes with paid reference technology is not feasible in the long run. Natural citations are critical to the success and effectiveness of your website. However, we will detail two types of web citations that develop natural citations in more detail: more important, broader, and more complex.

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Google search results

Before going into detail, it is necessary to visualize how the results indexed by search engines are presented to Internet users. We will use the example of the leader in Internet research: Google (with more than 93% market share in France). Read Google’s history here. In most cases, this is what the web page will look like after a user performs a search. It is easy to identify the existence of these two reference types.

In the red box, including the first link, we find results for paid references. In the blue box, under Sponsored Links, we can find the results of natural references. Here, the presence of sponsored links indicates that the company has purchased these keywords to appear first on the results page. Sponsored links are not necessarily available on all searches because companies simply don’t take advantage of certain expressions (lack of interest or return on investment).

Results pages or SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) can also provide more data than this, thanks to specific optimizations (products purchased online, location of the business, etc.). We recommend this excellent Telegraph infographic to observe all the intricacies of the results page (different modules have been placed on the same image, the results page will never show all this information at the same time).

Paid Reference Says SEA Definition of SEA

When we talk about paid references or sponsored references, we think of sponsored links or Google Ads campaigns (formerly Google AdWords). To appear in Google ads, you must buy keywords in auctions. The fee paid in this system is per click. That is, every time a user clicks on an ad, the website that publishes its ad pays the expected bid.

For example, if I bid on the expression “search engine optimization agency” for 2 euros and I am the average bidder for that keyword, when an internet user searches for “search engine optimization agency”, my ad will appear as a sponsor Reserved in-insert links. If an internet user clicks on my ad (and only in this case) then I will have to pay the sum of 2 euros.

Why use paid references?

For highly competitive terms, the price of a keyword can range from a few cents to tens of euros. Therefore, it is very important to experiment and calculate its conversion rate and ROI. 

We usually set up a paid reference strategy to:

  •         E-commerce website
  •         Quickly locate your website
  •         The launch of a new website is naturally still rarely cited
  •         a special time of year
  •         Position yourself in competitive searches
  •         Compensate for disadvantaged positions in natural results

Gain visibility on Google

The concept of seo agency citations cannot be considered in isolation. It is inseparable from a concept of capital: the concept of visibility.

If the referenced concept defines the referenced action and thus exists in the database, then the visibility concept defines the ability of the referenced thing to be discovered. This is the basic concept to always keep in mind when talking about SEO. Imagine a department store on 3 floors, your products are listed there, but at the bottom of the third-floor aisle on the ground floor, and there is only one copy. You will agree that the usefulness of this thing is very limited. If your product is referenced at the top of the gondola near the entrance to the department store, it’s a whole different story.

Google SEO works the same way. 3/4 of Internet users don’t even visit the second page of search results. So when you think about SEO, you have to think about visibility, with the goal of appearing on the first page of search results for relevant keywords related to your campaign and customers.

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