What Makes A Good Christmas Video Ad?

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to create exciting content for the perfect Christmas video ad. The problem is you’re only a small business owner, so you don’t think you can afford to hire a marketing company or a great videographer. It’s a good thing it’s entirely possible to make your Christmas video ad using a free video maker.

Creating a video ad, for Christmas or not, is a long, arduous process, not to mention it doesn’t come cheap. But of course, you can’t disappoint your customers with the generic holiday scene. Does that mean you need a big-budget production for the best video ad? Not to worry, because a huge budget isn’t necessary for a winning Christmas advert.

What you need is a bit of grit and lots of determination, a great editing program, and the ingredients that make a good Christmas video ad. In this post, we’ll go over the things that your Christmas advert needs to touch the hearts of your audience.

What Are the Qualities Of a Great Christmas Ad?

  • Doesn’t Hard Sell

“A Christmas video ad should not promote the product.” Christmas isn’t the time to hard sell. It instead presents an opportunity to determine which emotions should relate to your product and promote that association. What emotions come to mind when you think about Christmas? There’s the feeling of escapism and nostalgia, as well as wanting to be with your loved ones.

A good Christmas video uses those emotions to show that you care about what your audiences care about. It’s also crucial to give a sense of control to the audience, especially during the pandemic. Most importantly, please don’t mistake using Christmas to celebrate capitalism when it should be all about family.

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  • Has an Emotional Appeal

When it comes to Christmas video ads, it is more about emotional appeal than creative appeal. The strength of emotions the ad elicits from the audience is critical for making a shareable ad. While some adverts want to make people laugh, you want to be emphatic and bank on the feelings of nostalgia brought by the holiday season.

You need more than ever to understand how your customers are going through emotionally at this time of the year. However, please don’t make the mistake of guessing what they are going through. You have to use the right tools to find out, such as social listening, local surveys, and world surveys.

  • Use Everyday Heroes or Local Influencers

Celebrities have little power in making a Christmas ad shareable, so there’s really no need for you to spend money hiring well-known actors. You should spend your budget instead on obtaining the right content and ensuring proper distribution. One perfect idea for this is to use everyday heroes in your Christmas video ad.

Your audience will better relate to your brand if your actors are ordinary people who have the same concerns. Besides using ordinary people as your actors, it’s a great idea to partner with local social media influencers to promote the ad. Your message will also resonate better if introduced by people your customers know well.

These three are the must-haves of the best Christmas video ad, which help you better reach out to your audience in the coming holidays. In addition, it’s essential to create a social media vibe around your advert, even before you launch it, for doing so will further promote your message on a global scale.

Why Use a Free Video Maker?

You’re now familiar with what makes a good Christmas ad. There’s still the technical side you have to think about, such as what software to use to produce or edit the video. There is plenty of different software you can use for this, like Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Lightworks.  But if you can’t afford a paid program, Promo Editor is a free video maker that could help you.

There are plenty of online video makers today that can help you create a video advert for free. Admittedly, they don’t have as many features as paid editing software. However, such editors is sometimes enough for simple clips. If you’re a small business owner looking to create a simple but empathic Christmas video ad, then an online video maker might be enough

Creating a Christmas Video Advert with a Free Video Maker

So, you’ve decided to use a free video maker to produce a Christmas video advert. Now you want to know how to make one. Well, it’s a good thing an online video maker is easy to use. In some cases, you don’t even have to download the software or create an account. You can probably just head to the video maker’s link and piece the video together on your own.

  • Sign Up or Download the Video Maker

First, go to the video maker’s link, where you can either sign up or download the program. Many free video makers are online, meaning you do your work on their website. In that case, you will need to register an account that usually comes with a free plan. This plan includes features you can use to create your Christmas video ad.

  • Upload/Select Videos and Images

It depends on what free video maker you’re using, but the next step typically involves uploading or selecting the raw videos and images you will need. You can use those already from the their library. But in most cases, you will want to use your own as they are more aligned to your goal for this particular ad.

  • Customize the Video

Using the available features that the online video maker has, you can customize the video ad you’re making with your logo, message, and licensed music. This is where the editing comes into play, keeping in mind your goal. For a Christmas video ad, you want it to be empathic, with a compelling story and great music enough to capture the hearts of your viewers.

  • Download or Publish the Final Video

The last step is to download or publish the final video you made. There’s a bit of a problem here: most video makers only provide share links for free. If you want a downloaded copy, there is often payment. Compared to paid video editing software, though, this payment shouldn’t be too much of a burden to your budget.


There it is. Now you know what makes a good Christmas video ad and how to make one using a free video maker. The key is to focus more on the emotional elements of the video since Christmas time is all about that. Once you have the ingredients for a great video ad sorted out, you can easily create a simple Christmas ad using a free online video maker.

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