What Should You Do If You Are Caught Driving Under The Influence?

Driving under the influence of alcohol or any kind of intoxicating substance is a crime. It will not only penalize you but also ruin your reputation. To get yourself out of such kinds of cases, your best effort and final call are to hire a DUI attorney. However, if you are wondering what you should do after you have had the accident, here is what you need to do. On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable dui lawyer, you are at the right place.  

  • Do not elope from the accident scene

Whether you are intoxicated or not, after you have met the accident, do not drive away from the scene. This might have a negative effect on your image. Running away from the scene means that you were responsible for the accident. Stay back at the accident site and wait for the police to enter the scene. 

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  • Contact a DUI attorney 

As soon as you get consciousness and understand the depth of the situation, your first call is to contact the DUI attorney. Due to the intoxication and trauma of the accident, you might not be able to make sound decisions. Do as your attorney says you to do. You might sometimes feel that it is better to say your part of the story. But you do not know when things will get twisted and turned against you. 

  • Do not talk to the insurance companies alone 

Without the supervision of your attorney, do not make the mistake of contacting your insurance company. If they have come from themselves, avoid talking about anything to them until you are supervised by your attorney. Often the insurers will find a way or the other to not pay you what you deserve. They will try and pin the blame on you for something that you have not done. So to avoid such clumsy situations avoid talking to the insurers. 


Now that you know what you should and should not do after an accident. Be careful and follow the tips. However, it is strictly advised that you do not drink and drive. A fun ride might turn into a catastrophic situation if something went wrong. But accidents come without any notice. So if you are in such a situation it is time that you hire a DUI attorney and get things sorted. 


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