What to Know About the Citi Premier Card

Ah, credit cards. Where would we be without them? Almost every single person on the planet has at least one or two credit cards tucked safely inside their wallets. Some people even prefer to use their cards rather than paying for everything with cash, which can make your wallet a lot more lightweight to carry around.

Credit cards are versatile, portable, and can be used for a lot of different things. 

So, if you are a huge fan of these small, rectangular pieces of plastic, you have probably also heard about the Citi Premier Card. Word on the “street” is that it can offer a lot of perks to its users, but first, you need to understand what you can do with it. You can take a peek at this link https://onemileatatime.com/guides/citi-premier/ for more. 

So, enough beating around the bush and let us just dive right into the topic, shall we? 


Citi Premier Card is an excellent rewards credit card that provides several features that frequent fliers will appreciate. It offers yearly hotel credit, no international transaction fees, bonus points on a variety of popular spending categories, and more. However, there is a $95 annual fee associated with the card.

While making full use of the card’s benefits can help you break even on the annual cost, you should still consider whether or not the card is a good fit for your lifestyle and budget.

If you’re a frequent flyer who values earning transferable points over posh amenities like airport lounge access and trip insurance, the Citi Premier® Card is a solid option. The card can be used for purchases made outside of the United States without incurring any additional fees. Pretty cool, right? 

With just the welcome offer and yearly hotel benefit, you can quickly earn more than $900 in value in the first year after you get the card.

Now, let us get to the good stuff. 

Since there is a welcome bonus connected to the card, you should know that if you spend over $4000 during your first three months of being a cardholder, you will get offered offer 60,000 Citi ThankYou points.

If you meet the minimum spending requirement, you will earn 64,000 points, which are worth at least $640. Your points will go even further when transferred to one of Citi’s many travel partners.

Let us see, what else? In addition, from now until June 30, 2024, every dollar spent on accommodations, transportation, and sightseeing tours (but not airfare) booked through the Citi Travel platform will earn you 10 ThankYou points. You can rack up Citi ThankYou points quickly with this card because it awards three points for every dollar spent at gas stations, restaurants, supermarkets, airfare, and hotels.

Everyone wants to get their hands on these points since they can be exchanged for travel with fifteen other hotel and airline loyalty programs, as well as through the Citi ThankYou travel portal. 

However, if you prefer a less complicated redemption process, gift cards to popular websites or brands or e-gift cards can be exchanged for points quickly and effortlessly.

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The benefits

When contemplating getting a new credit card to embellish your wallet, there is nothing better than hearing about the benefits it offers, right? 

You may quickly prove the card’s worth by taking advantage of these awesome perks. However, many people claim that the $95 yearly charge is reasonable for the first year, but less so after that. But the number of points you get could be worthwhile if you frequently make purchases in the bonus categories.

Do you want to know what else is amazing? The Citi® Double Cash Card offers two times points for every dollar spent on all eligible transactions by converting the 2% cash back you earn into Citi ThankYou points. Now, this sounds like an awesome credit card strategy, right? 

The hotel perk is so valuable that it can easily pay for the card’s $95 annual cost. If you book your accommodation through the Citi travel portal and spend $500 or more (before taxes and fees), Citi will discount your total bill by $100. We would also like you to know that this perk is annual and can be used once per 12 months. Check out this page for more. 


So, should you get this card or not?

Well, it all depends on your spending and traveling habits. If you think this card is just what your wallet’s missing, then you are probably 98% sure you will get it. 

Of course, it is always important to do research in situations like these because your financial health depends on it. So, look into additional reviewing websites to discover more info related to this type of card. Once you get all the info you need, then make a final decision. Good luck!