Why a passenger bus is ideal for a vacation in your own country!

In recent years, many Dutch people have discovered how nice a vacation in their own country really is. That’s good, because our ‘cold little country’ has a lot to offer! From nature parks to fun, vibrant cities: you won’t lack anything in the Netherlands. And what is so great about a vacation in the Netherlands is that you can simply drive your car to your destination. But did you know that you could make your trip through the Netherlands even more comfortable? By renting a passenger bus for example. This is not only spacious and comfortable, it offers many other advantages. We would like to share these advantages with you. Read on!

Flexible travel

Renting a passenger bus not only offers comfort, space and convenience, but also a lot of flexibility. You can decide when you depart and arrive and how much time you want to spend on the road. This allows you to, for example, stop at interesting sights during the trip, have a nice dinner or even stay overnight at a nice place. This makes the trip to the vacation home even more pleasant and adventurous.

More than enough luggage space

Furthermore, you can easily carry more luggage with a passenger van, which prepares you for a longer vacation. You don’t have to worry about limited luggage space in the trunk of your passenger car. This makes renting a bus even more attractive for families and groups who want to bring a lot of stuff to the vacation home. Especially if you want to play a lot of sports that require lugging big bags! Such a golf bag fits easily in a spacious passenger van.

Safety first

Another advantage of renting a bus is safety. You can be sure that the bus, when you rent it, is well maintained and has the proper insurance, allowing you to go on vacation carefree. Furthermore, you avoid having little visibility on the road due to an overloaded trunk, for example!

Better for the environment

Finally, renting a passenger bus is also more environmentally friendly than traveling in several cars. If you travel with a group, you save on emissions and gasoline by traveling together in one bus. This makes renting a bus attractive not only for your wallet, but also for the environment.

In conclusion, there are many advantages to renting a passenger bus for vacations in the Netherlands. From comfort and space to affordability and safety, renting a bus offers many advantages over other modes of travel. If you are looking for a cozy, comfortable and budget-friendly way to travel to your vacation home, renting a passenger bus is an excellent option.

Which bus is ideal for you?

When renting a passenger bus, you can choose from all sorts and sizes of buses. For example, you can rent a Mercedes Vito (in Dutch: Mercedes Vito huren) for a fine, all-round bus. Do you want a little more luxury and comfort? Then renting a Mercedes V-Class (in Dutch: Mercedes V-Klasse huren) is more for you!