6 Benefits of Using a Portable Ice Machine for Cold Therapy

Cryotherapy, otherwise known as cold therapy, happens to be one of the best methods of getting pain relief, especially if you are recovering from a strained muscle or an invasive medical procedure such as surgery. This method of pain relief reduces blood flow to a particular area, causing pain or any potential swelling to subside by reducing nerve activity. 

The cold therapy process is made possible thanks to portable ice machines which are recommended by physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers. Visit site if you would like to learn more about the specs and uses of a Donjoy Iceman. 

Keep reading to find out the many benefits that you can expect from using a portable ice machine for cold therapy include.

1. You Can Take it On the Go

As the name suggests, portable ice machines for cold therapy such as the Donjoy Iceman are designed for easy portability and storage. The machines are easy to operate on the go and help patients manage their pain or swelling wherever they are.

The portable machine can help alleviate pain or swelling on the back, ankle, hip, shoulder, or knee and speed up a patient’s rehabilitation. 

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2. Very Convenient

Using ice packs to relieve pain and swelling can be challenging, especially around the knees and shoulders. Additionally, it is impossible to control an ice pack’s temperature because it can melt very fast. 

Portable ice machines can be used at any location and can maintain a set temperature between four to six hours. Moreover, you can also control their temperature since the machine circulates cold water through it, allowing you to get a consistent temperature at all times. 

3. Helps in Reducing Pain and Swelling

Portable ice machines are effective in reducing pain and swelling. Though compact, the machines can deliver cold therapy to different parts of the body and provide relief. These machines have a semi-closed loop circulation system, which maintains consistent and accurate temperatures.

4. Offers a Less Painful Way of Relieving Pain

Portable cold therapy devices numb nerve endings, slowing down the communication between the body and the brain. Not only do these units help relieve pain and swelling, but they also give a numbing feeling that helps you not to feel pain during the session. 

This also means that you may not rely as much on pain-relieving medications as your body gets better from the injury or surgery. 

5. They are More Efficient than Ice Packs

Combining cold and compression has been scientifically proven to be more efficient than just using ice therapy. As the cold from the machine reduces inflammation and relieves pain a by restricting blood flow, the compression also allows the cold to go deeper into the body so the treatment can last longer.

6. Easy to Use

The portable machines are easy to use and do not require the help of a physical therapist or physician. The ice machine provides relief and all you have to do is to fill it with water and ice, hook the pad, turn it on and begin the session.

Donjoy Iceman is the Ideal Portable Ice Machine for Cold Therapy

Portable ice machines for cold therapy have several benefits to offer. If you’ve recently had surgery or are dealing with any kind of pain or swelling, these machines will give you the relief you need right from the comfort of your home. 

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