How Many Bundles of Hair Do You Need to Purchase?

For a full head of weave, how many bundles are required? That is a question that regularly arises during the acquisition of a weave. The answer to this question is influenced by hair length, desired fullness, head shape/size, and hair texture. We’ve put together a guide to assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

Choosing which protective styles to use, such as natural hair wigs, sew-ins, natural hair clip-ins, or bundles, can be a difficult and time-consuming task when considering our hair budget.

We’ll look at how many bundles of natural hair extensions you’ll need to sport numerous bundle hairstyles to assist you in making smarter protective styling options.


Bundle hair extensions are usually more expensive than standard pack extensions. They are, however, less prone to shedding and can be reused for years with proper maintenance and installation. Bundle hair extensions allow you to try out different styling options, such as adding colour, trims, or highlights, in the same way you would with your natural curls.

Hair texture preferences are a crucial consideration when looking for natural hair bundles. Bundles are available in various densities and textures. Natural hair bundles are available in 3B- 4C hair textures, including Afro Kinky, Kinky Coily, kinky curly hair bundles, and Kinky Blow Out Texture. If you go with these textures, you won’t need as many packages to pull them off.

Bundle hair extensions are available in both synthetic and human hair kinds. The human hair bundle extension is a more convenient solution if you want a more natural-looking haircut.

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Bundle Hairstyles:

You can install your bundles in two ways. You can choose between a sew-in, which is easier to maintain, less expensive, and can last for up to six months, or the glue and tape options. The glue procedure entails instantly applying a liquid adhesive to the hair. The tape method entails using double-sided tape to secure one to two wefts to the hair.

Knowing how many bundles you’ll need to achieve various bundle hairstyles is crucial, whether you’re looking for a sew-in or any other hair extension style.

A pack of bundles typically weighs 4 ounces, and the number of bundles required is mostly determined by the desired style, desired volume, and bundle quality. Furthermore, if you like a shorter style, you will not require as many packages as if you choose a longer style.

Length of Hair:

You will need hair according to the length of the bundle because hair bundles are measured in grams or ounces. Each bundle weighs between 3.5 and 4 oz., depending on length. Shorter hair bundles, ranging in length from 8 to 24 inch hair, will be thicker than longer hair bundles, implying that shorter hair bundles will be thicker. The chart below displays the recommended number of bundles for various lengths.

In its natural state, a wavy/curly bundle will look smaller. However, when pulled from head to toe, it will measure the entire length purchased.

Hair texture:

The depth of the curl pattern on curly hair helps your head appear fuller, so you can use fewer bundles. You’ll need more bundles to get a full look with straight hair.

Making Use of a Closure:

If you want to choose a completely natural look, a lace top closure piece occurs. And will give volume to your hair. In such circumstances, two bundles will assist you in creating a complete look. You can choose from three bundles if you desire a full look.

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