Best Ways To Carry Your Stuff When Biking to Work Or School

If you usually take your bike to school or commute to work by bicycle, you may be wondering how to solve the dilemma of being able to carry all your necessary items. Although bikes have a number of advantages over other modes of transportation, including convenience and affordability, you might not know how to haul all your possessions on your bike. Whether you’ve already started shopping for essential ebike accessories or whether you’re still searching for the right add-ons for your bike, there are a few simple ways you can carry your stuff when biking to work or school.

Get a Convenient Basket To Attach to Your Bike

For an affordable, quick and straightforward solution to your transportation dilemma, consider attaching a basket directly to your bike or simply purchasing a bike with basket already included. Baskets have long been one of the most popular ways to carry various goods and belongings on bicycles, and can be especially helpful if you’re trying to transport books or food. You may be able to find a few different varieties of baskets and basket-like attachments to place directly on your bike for convenient storage and transportation. For example, you may wish to consider purchasing:

  • A basket
  • Some bike bags
  • A rear rack
  • A mini crate

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Look for Options To Carry Items on Your Person

Another easy way to carry your objects with you when biking to school or to work is to find a way to bring items along on your person. This solution may depend on how heavy of a bag you’re willing to wear, or are able to wear, while biking. However, if you have the skills and strength necessary to carry your items with you, this could be a highly cost-effective option that also provides additional flexibility. A few options to add to your list of possibilities include, but are not necessarily restricted to, the following.

  • Backpacks
  • Cross-body bags
  • Small duffel bags
  • Portable briefcases with shoulder straps
  • Messenger bags

Find a Bicycle That Comes With More Opportunities for Carrying Space

If you’re still not sure whether a cross-body bag or a Sunlite bike basket are right for you, you may want to start shopping for a bicycle that comes with built-in opportunities to carry your belongings. Some bicycles may already have storage space or have a design that lends itself well to carrying heavy objects. You may want to consider shopping for:

  • A one-person bicycle with built-in space to lock in a basket
  • A two-person bicycle with storage in the back
  • A lightweight bicycle to make biking with backpacks or bags easier

When you take your bike to work or school, you may need different options for transporting your necessary items. In order to carry your possessions with you easily and safely, consider attaching a basket to your bicycle, taking portable bags on your person or switching to a bike that comes with built-in storage space. With these tips, you can easily carry your stuff on your bike wherever you’re headed.

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