Challenge Coin Display Options That You Should Know About

Have you recently developed a love for collecting challenge coins? These are unique types of collectibles that are very rewarding to find and collect. 

But if you find yourself obtaining new coins on a regular basis, you are probably wondering what to do with them all. You don’t want to stuff them in your sock drawer. You’d like to actually see them on a daily basis, without making a big mess in your home, right?

If so, then you need to find the right challenge coin display options. There are many different shelves, racks, and display mounts that you can choose from that make it easy and aesthetically pleasing to put your coins on display. 

Wondering what your challenge coin display options are? Keep reading to discover the best challenge coin display case options, as well as how to create a DIY challenge coin display. 

Where Do Challenge Coins Come From?

Challenge coins come from many different places. Challenge coins can often represent military missions or achievements, as well as membership into different groups, teams, or businesses. 

They are a decorative emblem given to someone to celebrate their hard work, their accomplishments, and their membership. And they are super unique.

Challenge coins are rare, and most people who receive them hold onto them. However, you can still find these out and about in the world and collect them for yourself.

If you are looking to collect challenge coins, you can search for these collectibles at thrift stores, pawnshops, second-hand jewelers, and online on sites like eBay. 

So whether you have received your own challenge coin from an organization, or you are a private collector, you’re going to want to put them on display. Otherwise, you’ll never see them, or you’ll have them sitting out on your table making it look messy in your home. Instead, try one of these challenge coins display ideas. 

Challenge Coin Box

If you have multiple coins that you’d like to keep organized, one of the best options is a box specifically meant for collecting coins. These are typically made of wood and have one or more drawers.

Inside the drawer are grooves covered in velvet. The grooves make it easy to sit your challenge coins in an upright, fixed position. The velvet keeps them from getting scratched up.

So when you go to open your drawer, you’ll see all of your coins in one place, neatly organized and safe. The only downside is that they aren’t displayed for all to see, they are hidden inside of a box, which may or may not be what you want. 

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Challenge Coin Display Frame

Looking for a unique challenge coin display option that actually shows off your collection. You can buy or create a special frame and hang individual coins on the wall. 

Simply choose a wall frame that matches the aesthetic of your home. You can then affix the coin to the center of the frame and hang it up on the wall. You can keep it simple by displaying one coin in each frame, or you can display multiple coins inside a frame.

This option is great if you have a coin that is meaningful to you and would like it to always be on display.

However, if you’d like to display many coins on your wall, you can opt for a wooden wall holder specifically intended to hold dozens of challenge coins and display them on the wall.

A wall holder like this can hold upwards of 50 different coins without over-crowding the coins and making them look cluttered. This is a great option for the collector who is proud and once everyone to see their collection on a regular basis. 

Tabletop Display Options

Walls and drawers aren’t the only places you can display your coins. There are many tabletop options too, which are perfect for your desk or a decorative side table.

One option is a slanted tabletop display. The slant holds the coins upright. They can hold many coins. However, if the display isn’t full, it might not look as good. This is a great option once your coin collection is quite large.

You can also opt for a pyramid-type display. With this type of case, you’ll have multiple tiers rising from your table to display your coins on. As the display gets higher and higher, fewer coins will fit on each tier. 

These are quite extravagant and make for a great centerpiece. 

Plastic Coin Cases

Looking for a simple way to store your coins, keeping them safe from dust, moisture, and scratches? Plastic coin cases are simple, clear, round cases that open like a clamshell. 

They are low profile, not much bigger than the coin itself. You can leave them out on a shelf or table to display them like this. But if you are storing your coins inside a box or a drawer, it could be a good idea to keep them ins these cases to prevent scratches while in storage or during transportation. 

Velvet Coin Boxes

If you are lucky enough to be the original recipient of a challenge coin, it was likely presented to you in a velvet coin box. These fit just one coin inside of them and open like a clamshell.

Individual coin owners typically keep their coins in this box and stuff them away in a drawer somewhere. However, collectors can also use these boxes. You can house individual coins inside boxes, and display the open boxes on a shelf or table.

The velvet boxes look classy, especially if displayed at an angle so that the coin is in an upright position. 

Other Display Types

There are many different ways you can display and store challenge coins as well. From velvet bags to plastic coin capsules, and everything in between, the only limit is your imagination.

And you don’t have to stick with coin-specific displays. There are many other types of display shelves and ideas out there not specifically made for coins but could work just as well. You just need to be creative and think beyond the box.

Treat Your Coins With Respect

Finding the right challenge coin display isn’t hard. There are many great options depending on how many coins you have and how many you’d like to show off.

Just make sure you aren’t lay and tossing your coins in your sock drawer where they will never be seen again. These coins are valuable, so be sure to treat them that way.

Looking for more tips like this? Check out the rest of our blog today to keep reading. 

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