Car Detailing Service

What should a full car detailing service include?

Most car detailing services include an exterior wash, polishing, and waxing along with interior cleaning as well. 

The whole idea of cleaning and detailing service in India is basically to get the car to look all clean and shiny just like it looked when it came out of the showroom initially.

Car detailing is majorly about giving a great car wash and getting all the dirt and grime away from the exterior of the car and then going ahead with polishing and waxing. Generally, most car detailing services prefer handwashing to automated washing since it gives out better results and all the dirty areas can be taken care of manually better. After the car has gotten dry, the next step is claying in which a lump of clay is rubbed all over the exterior body of the car to make sure that there is no dirt whatsoever present on the paintwork of the car.

There is a lot of vacuuming to get the interior surfaces cleaned since there is always dirt collected inside the car the most. Car detailing services also make use of brushes and cleaners to give the final finishing touches while cleaning the interiors of the car. To get the car upholstery and carpeting clean, they are removed from inside the car and hot water is used along with some kind of car shampoo to remove all the marks and give them a complete clean look.

Car detailing services have also started offering engine cleaning as an add-on because who doesn’t like popping the hood of the car and looking at an all-shiny engine. It just adds to the vanity of the car and doesn’t do much for the performance of the car if that is something that you want.

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Now coming to the main point; does car detailing remove scratches on the exterior of the car?

Car detailing does help to remove minor marks on the paint by the use of certain rubbing compounds but if there are major scratch marks on the paint or there is some kind of damage to the body of the car, you will have to take it to a car workshop to get the damage repaired and the body repainted.

Most car detailers will use paint to apply a touch-up to minor scratch marks on the exterior body of the car so that after the car has been detailed, the minor marks are not visible to the naked eye. Polishing and waxing the paint after the touch-up helps even out the surface which was painted and gives the surface a shiny look. Car detailers use a rotary buffing machine which is fitted with a soft pad and the rubbing compound is added to the soft pad and is used on all the areas of the car paint to smoothen the surface and make it look all shiny and clear.

But then again there is also a disadvantage of using a buffing machine for a long time since it can cause swirl marks on the paint of the car and that will spoil the complete look of the car. So the car detailer has to be very precise while using the machine and also what kind of rubbing compound does he use because that can also affect the paint of the car if the quality of the rubbing compound is not good.

After this, the next step is to apply wax to the paint coat of the car and it can be done by hand or by using a buffing machine. Once this step is over, most car detailing services move on to the dashboard, plastics, and the vinyl parts of the car to give it a completely new and shiny look.

What about extra services by cleaning and detailing services in India?

Car detailing services also include wheels and tires and they are also washed completely before moving to the polishing and waxing part for the wheels and tires as well. So, car scratches. They’re everywhere, and you can’t practically avoid them if you even plan on taking your car into town. The best way to protect your paint against scratches is to install a paint protection film and follow it up with a ceramic coating.

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