Tips to monitor remote workers

Work from home has become popular nowadays as companies are prioritizing the mental wellbeing of their employees. Do you know? Employees who work remotely tend to perform better in terms of work. Hence, if you are a corporate boss who has given the employees liberty to work from home, your biggest responsibility is to keep a check on them to measure their progress. Mostly, remote workers often get distracted by their home schedule and cannot differentiate between giving time to office work and home. On the other hand, it also becomes difficult for you to monitor them and keep track of them. Therefore, if you are tired of paying attention to workers and finding ways about how to monitor remote workers, you can do it in easy steps! Click here to about the email signature.

When your employees are working remotely, you sometimes cannot track their progress and performance due to many reasons such as different time zones, internet connectivity issues, or even some other work commitments. Therefore, you need to use some digital data that can track your employee productivity. That is where Workpuls comes. It is an analysis tool that monitors your employee performance and offers you its outstanding services of time tracking, data monitoring, and activity monitoring. Workpuls also takes random screenshots of your employees during work hours to show you if they are working on the right track or if they are not. 


Employees can add their activities manually

The biggest advantage you get if you use an employee performance tool is that your employees can manually add their activities in Workpuls on their laptops which will make them sort out their daily tasks. In this way, they can approve or deny any work they have done or not to the upper management in the office working hours. 

These fascinating tools work in the most amazing way. It reads millions of data signals and understands what their customer wants from them. It offers you time tracking, measuring of employee performance, and shows you graphical representations of your employees’ performances. This is done to meet the demands of today’s businesses where companies work towards employee welfare.

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Employees can login to gain insights

The best option Workpuls gives you is that it reduces your workload and allows employees to log into their profiles so that they can gain insights into their productivity data and timesheets of payrolls. Whenever employees want to know about their attendance, productivity measures or performance, they can gain it. This tools is highly beneficial for employees as they do not have to spend much time into monitoring their progress, when they can check it on their profile by logging in.

Does Workpuls secure your data?

Well, of course it does! Workpuls provides 100% security of data as they have hired super talented team of IT experts. Furthermore, you can get a super fast set up within a few minutes. Whatever data you share with them, it gets stored in their Google Cloud infrastructure by using all kinds of latest security standards. 

Hence, Workpuls is the right choice for you as it allows you to look over your employees closely and track their performances. If your employees are working well, you can motivate them by rewards. However, if you see any employee who is not working well, you can develop objectives so that they fulfil their goals. 

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