Different AirTrack Mats and accessories

The AirTracks line of home appliances is as good as the high-quality AirTracks used extensively by skilled players.

But there is also a great deal of variation and coverage tools you need for personal training. Here are some tips to better understand the difference between mat and quickly find the best mat for your situation.

All other AirTrack pad titles are silent, compression can be controlled and inflation stops there. Also, they are all portable and cannot be overlooked. Here you know about customer experience.

  • Air board: This board can be used as a trampoline, simple and easy to install and use. Size is 100* 40* 10cm.
  • AirBlock: stronger and lighter than the AirBlock. It can be easily installed with tape under the room or under the air with dimensions of 3 × 1 meters.
  • Airtrack: This is the first step of Airtrac designed specifically for tapes and runs. The sturdy, bulky upper boots, unlike the other down, make it ideal for a new, luxurious walk.

Arrick is ideal for large groups and free travel. All ages, amateurs, and pros will love AirTrick! World-renowned players have shown that using Airtracks and being trained by air track mat can make you a pro. This mat is suitable for all flat floors and is available in thicknesses of 20cm or 30cm.

Airbeam: With an intermediate line of 10cm wide and 2.5mm thick, the gymnasts feel like the edge of a tree-like an airstrip, allowing them to look safe from damage. The 10cm thick meter is thick and can be placed on any floor.

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Training Kit-Home Edition: Perfect for anyone who wants to hone their skills at home in a safe way. The complete set contains a combination of three multifunctional pads that can be used indefinitely. Each set consists of velcro and sewing paper. Use AirBoards and AirBlock to create some lengths. 

Carroll: This Airroll is a flexible round bag that can be great for training gymnastics exercises such as shovels but it is also useful for many yoga areas. AirTracks and Airtracks can be customized in shape and size. Combine multiple Airtrack matss for different layouts and options!

Some name airtrack, but what it really means, the standard mat is:

  • Inflatable Mat YeGym
  • Jump on the Floor
  • Attic
  • Tumbling Track

Frequently Asked Questions about AirTrack Mat

What is the difference between a traditional drop track and AirTracks?

AirTrack mats have their roots in traditional gymnastics and drop gyms.

Because these mats are air-filled, they cause minor injuries during training and changes in setting and placement in the gym. The AirTrack allows faster switching to “floor jumping” due to the stability in cushioning technology and time, as opposed to slower systems that require braking on a trampoline.

The Air Track Mat is airtight and does not require an expensive, large, noisy fan. One small hand is enough to play a large airtrack in four minutes. In addition, the new generation AirTracks weighs only 60% compared to the old Routes.

Is Airtrac safe? 

With AirTrack, you don’t have to worry about risks and difficult landings. If skipping or moving is unexpected, AirTrack prevents painful crashes.

What is the best AirTrack to use?

It all depends on the product, game, skill level, and user weight. It has always been a good idea to apply enough pressure to prevent damage and fill the mat with each new exercise. Always look for the recommended level of compulsion in your owners document.

In fact, the presence of “high pressure” will not harm the mat. The extreme pressure required to break the rug cannot be achieved with the pump involved. In addition, AirFactory products have a long service life, but still, have a service life of more than seven years. Of course, it depends on how the mattress is used and its shape. All products are covered with a 2-year warranty.

These include injuries due to structural defects and the inability to use all components, including joints and upper extremities.

How long does it take to switch to AirTrack?

4 minutes. Airtrack mats can fit any type with a small hand pump in less than four minutes. 

Which fat mat should I buy?

Typical AirTracks sizes are 10cm, 20cm or 35cm. 35cm tights are popular in lotto and trampoline parks, but you can’t buy them at home or at the gym. For home use, the choice is 10-20 cm, the 10 cm corresponding to the usual mat of gymnastics mat, which is usually sufficient for beginners. Click this confirmed link to purchase AirTrackMat from Kameymall.

What is the weight limit for AirTrack?

As the Airtrack air pressure rises, it does not change even if you jump. This means you can safely jump on AirTrack without damaging the mat, even if it is heavy. Most manufacturers have no weight limit on their site, but if you are unsure, please contact us. Can I use AirTrack out? AirTracks can be used outdoors or on recessed foam mattresses. The outer plastic layer protects it from water and moisture and is easy to clean after use without leaving it.

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