GogoPDF Guide: Converting PNG Files to PDF FileIts

It’s a known fact that there are so many online PDF converter tools found on the internet. Needless to say, there will always be that one tool that stands above the rest. With that in mind, you just have to look for the best and see to it that it offers all the features you need in completing your tasks.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend a long time just searching and scrolling on the internet to find the best platform for file conversion. What we have here for you is the best platform on the internet: GogoPDF. You will surely be astonished as it will have the best features, bonuses, and tools. Without further ado, here is GogoPDF.


Whenever you want to convert your PDF files to PNG files, the best way to do it is through the help of GogoPDF’s PNG to PDF converter tool. It only doesn’t enable you to convert PDF to PNG, but it also offers various file formats, including PDF/A, Word, JPG, Excel, PPT, and many more. Anytime and anywhere you want, you can just convert your files readily if you have an internet connection.

Moreover, GogoPDF isn’t only limited to being your file converter. It also has many other functionalities, such as deleting PDF pages, merging, compressing, adding watermark, repair, splitting, and many more. Knowing this, you don’t have to move from one platform to another just to convert your files. 

PNG to PDF Four-Step Conversion Process

How do we convert our PDF files to PNG files, you ask? Here is the platform’s four-step conversion process. It is worth noting that the platform can process your files in just a matter of seconds, and this four-step conversion process will only consume a maximum of two minutes of your time. Yes, you read that right. Only two minutes of your time will be consumed.

First Step

The very first thing one has to do is to go and enter GogoPDF’s website into your web browser. Upon opening the page, you will immediately see how neat and simple the user interface is, and just click on the PDF to PNG converter. After clicking, you are then redirected to a new page, where you can upload the PDF files you want to convert to PNG files. You can do this with two simple and easy steps:

  • Click on the “Select Files” button and upload the files you want to convert.
  • Another way is by dragging and dropping all the files you want to convert into the converter box.

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Second Step

When you have already uploaded all the PDF files you want to convert, GogoPDF will now start scanning and extracting. Don’t worry; it won’t take much of your time. So, just hang tight.

Third Step

Now that that conversion process has begun, all you have to do is just wait. As we have mentioned above, the conversion process will only take a few seconds, regardless of how many files you have uploaded. All your files are guaranteed to be converted into a high-quality PNG file in a few seconds.

Fourth Step

Once the conversion process is complete, you can now download and save it on your chosen storage device. You also get the option to save it in your cloud storage, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. With the platform’s shareable link, you can now easily and quickly share your newly converted PNG files with your friends, family, or colleagues, and you can even share them on your social media accounts.

Easy to Use

Since GogoPDF can quickly be accessed through a web browser, this only means that you don’t have to worry whether your device or computer is compatible. In fact, it works perfectly well with any operating system, including Mac, Linux, or even Windows. Additionally, you can freely use it on any device, such as iPhones, laptops, PCs, tablets, or even your Android smartphones.


Another great thing about GogoPDF is that it prioritizes the safety and well-being of all the files you have uploaded. It doesn’t keep or store anything you have input, including your passwords, security codes, passcodes, or even credit card information. You are then guaranteed that the files you have uploaded are automatically deleted from their system after an hour has elapsed.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that GogoPDF is the best platform to convert any file format you desire, as it has so many features to offer. If, after reading this, got you curious, why not try it out yourself? We guarantee that it indeed does work wonders.

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