How a Student Can Keep Mind Healthy?

Usually, students used to have a normal schedule. They used to go to the school, study there and come back home and play. But pandemic Covid-19 changed everything and not to speak of children adults had to change their whole schedule. Students have a lot of responsibilities and tasks to do in their academic life therefore it is usual that they can be under mental pressure and sometimes under side effects of this pressure which is forgetfulness, stress, exhaustion and less productivity in their academic life. And added to this pandemic situation created more troubles to student’s learning abilities and knowledge level. These days we can find cases of depression and anxiety among the students on common level. This mental illness situation has become so much grave that very young students are getting patient of diabetes. School and college management systems are also trying to contribute to solve this situation under which they are using fees management system and institute ERP. Fees management system manages to fees record of the students and also looks into scholarship programs to facilitate students and reduce their financial issues for studying whereas institute ERP take care of learning program and manages curriculum of offline and online learning to help the students in order to reduce mental stress on them.

It is very common to maintain physical health and body but what about mental health and fitness? How to maintain this? Because health of mind is very necessary too along with physical health. A healthy mind makes you achieve so much in your academic life that it makes you a winner at every stage of life. So, in order to keep the mind healthy there are a few steps which should be followed by a student then he or she can keep his/her mind healthy for a long time. There is a saying in Latin, “Carpe diem”, which means “eat, drink & be merry because another day we have to die”. Here this phrase is saying never to be too serious about anything. Instead just be careful, eat, drink, enjoy life because nothing is certain in the next moment. So, a student should not put too much pressure on the mind, just schedule the tasks and accomplish them accordingly. This can provide ample success and excessive pressure will demolish the balance in the mind. Though it seems sometimes impossible to cope up with stress and tension, students still need to keep calm and peace in the mind through meditation. 

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An ill mind puts effects on physical health too. When a person is bothered on mental level then his/her hunger dies for meal and then gradually body start to decay which is not good. Here a very important fact is needed to be discussed: it is proved in several studies that food has direct connection with mental state and therefore it plays a vital role in treatment of depression, stress, Alzheimer and other mental diseases too. Here it is not said that just a meal system can cure all these above stated mental conditions but yes, a correct diet system plays an important role along with other important treatments. Proper nutrition supports the whole body to cope up with mental issues and thus person under such mental pressure or issues gets cured easily. Here physical exercises mean a lot to support a student to keep mind healthy. When a student is stressed and is pressurised then mind also needs support to ease the burden from it and think straightforward. When a person uses aerobics, yoga, martial arts or music then all these are the mediums to vent out all the stress and anxiety from the body and mind. For example, playing drums and in the same way boxing and martial arts are the best methods to relieve the stress because here student can vent out his/her stress out along with training of a new art so it becomes double benefit. 

A vacant mind is the home of the devil. It is found that the mind becomes full of scrap in two conditions when one’s mind is full of things wanted and unwanted and other is when there is nothing in the mind then also mind becomes full of useless things so it is better to be indulged into some innovative works and keep mind active and healthy.

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